How A Ceiling Fan Completed Our Entryway | From Gold 1990’s Style to Sleek, Classy Matte black


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I’d say out of our entire house, the entryway, formal living room, (adjacent to the entry) and dining room (directly ahead of the entry) are probably the most updated areas of the home . . . that is except the old ceiling fan.

I can’t tell you exactly why we waited so long. We repainted the entryway as soon as we moved in. Added a new chandelier above the front door, and another over the dining room table. We created a feature wall made from books, hung white curtains that swayed in the breeze, refreshed the fireplace, and added a mantel made from a 100-year-old barn. Heck, Travis even built a new dining room table from scratch and still, the ceiling fan stayed.

This ain't your mamas ceiling fan. Our entryway feel was transformed from a 1990's gold fan, to a sleek, classy matte black. And I'm in love.

That is until last week.

Finally, the fan of my dreams became reality.

Oh friends, she’s a beauty . . .

This ain't your mamas ceiling fan. Our entryway feel was transformed from a 1990's gold fan, to a sleek, classy matte black. And I'm in love.

This post is in collaboration with Hunter Fan Company, all opinions are my own. For my full disclosure statement, click here.

I didn’t want the fan to steal the show, we had other lighting that I really loved. Instead, I wanted it to seamlessly fit into the style that was already in place. To blend in, complement, and flow with the feeling we were already creating in this area of our home.

I wanted sleek, modern, unassuming, stealth. And that’s exactly what I got.

Welcome to the family Hunter Fan, it’s so good to have you here.

I walk under her whirling around all day and smile.

Why Hunter Fan Company

First off, Hunter Fan Company has been around for a while. 135 years to be exact! They’ve had a long time to perfect their fans. And now, they’ve even added more goodness to their selection with the option on some models to connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit through their SIMPLEconnect® technology! Making it easier than ever to control and monitor your fan from wherever you are!


When scanning their website, I stopped scrolling on the Advocate with LED Light 60 Inch and knew instantly it was the one. We have several black light fixtures in that section of our home, and I knew it was the perfect fan to complete the space.


The only hard part of this install was the height! This went above our stairs, making it a bit tricky.

The fan itself was the easy part. It was the balancing act that was the issue!

The instructions were very thorough, and in no time our new fan was twirling above us. Showing off how sleek and classy she was.

What this Hunter Fan Beauty Is Capable Of

One of my favorite parts of this fan is that the light is LED. You can install it and pretty much forget changing a bulb for years. And the light output is a bright, white light.

It’s also dimmable, so you can decide if you want it illuminating everything, or may you want something a little more soothing, even romantic?

The quiet motor also runs in six different speeds, making this Hunter Fan perfect for any time and season. We love that it’s reversible as well. We reverse ours in the summer so it helps pull the cooler, downstairs air up to the top level of our home, where our bedrooms are, improving our sleep in the warmer months. We then reverse it again in the fall, pushing the warm upstairs air into the main living area of our home.

It came with two different downrods to choose from, a 4 inch and a 2 inch. You can also purchase longer downrods if needed for your specific install. A great room with a pitched ceiling would look great with a 4-foot downrod, also bringing the fan closer to the ground, moving more area for your area.

It also comes with a remote, which is always good in a pinch!

Connecting to Alexa

In our home, we have Alexa, so that’s what we connected our fan to using the SIMPLEconnect technology. The fan comes with directions, and you can also find helpful tips on the Hunter Fan Website itself. We did have a little difficulty getting the fan to connect at first, but their customer service was exemplary, and soon we were asking Alexa to turn the front room fan on and off. Just don’t show your kids this ability. Why does it always turn into a game with them? 😉

The yearly cost to operate

Hold onto your hats for this one, the cost to operate this exact fan is . . . a whopping $7 a year. And with that, she’s able to push out airflow of 5,142 cubic feet per minute. I’m not sure exactly what that means, except that she’s an efficient girl, and spends her time and energy wisely.

Find the perfect fan for you

Overall we’re so dang impressed with Hunter Fan Company. If you’re in search of a perfect fan to add to your home, indoor or outdoor, look no further, Hunter Fans will hook you up with the perfect fan for your space. With a full page dedicated to how to choose a ceiling fan size and style, to installation, even a phone number to call if you have questions, they’ve thought of everything, and they’re ready to help you with all your fan needs!

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