About Whalen Farms

Welcome to Whalen Farms, our little slice of Tennessee paradise!

We’re Travis & Eryn, a husband-and-wife team who, along with our two children, left the landscapes of Eastern Washington in 2022 for a new adventure. Not huge lovers of the colder months – we enjoy being outside, but craved more warm weather, milder winters, and longer summers.

Eryn is the resident garden enthusiast, with a deep love for veggies, herbs, and flowers.

Tennessee’s climate gives her the perfect canvas to play with, and together her and Travis have already built from scratch two thriving gardens – one called the canning garden and the other the kitchen or protege garden. The larger canning garden shares a fence with their chicken coop and run where a lively bunch of chickens, guineas, and ducks keep everyone entertained. Their main jobs are to keep the ticks and bugs at bay, and provide fresh eggs daily. Even selling extras at the local farmers market seasonally.

What began as a heartfelt endeavor for Eryn, sharing their journey online with others, has evolved into a fun career.

From appearing on the screen on a TV show to traversing the nation for events hosted by industry giants like NOW FOODS and Bob’s Red Mill, she has collaborated with renowned companies, including The Home Depot and Hewn Floors. The journey has been nothing short of extraordinary!

Join Eryn on her family’s adventures by tuning into her YouTube channel, delve into detailed accounts on her website blog, glimpsing into her daily life on Instagram, or engaging in enlightening conversations on her rapidly expanding podcast, Homestead Journey. It’s like catching up with a friend who has acquired a few tips and stories to share!

Getting back to the gardens, Eryn is all about using the land for natural remedies. She makes salves and tinctures from the treasures foraged around their property. Again, sharing with locals and even online on their Shop Whalen Farms Page.

In other exciting news, they’re gearing up to welcome larger animals to the farm soon.

(Hint, one of them will provide the family with milk daily!)

Purchasing an old farmhouse and land doesn’t come without it’s challenges.

The farmhouse and outbuildings needed some serious TLC after being neglected for years. Foundations, roofs, bathrooms – you name it, we fixed (or are still fixing) it. We salvaged what we could from the old outbuildings and barns and made room for new structures. A new barn is on the horizon, along with some other practical spaces for storage and protection for the large animals from the elements.

But it’s not just about us.

We’re also crafting a cozy Airbnb we call “Little House in the Big Woods,” inspired by the beloved “Little House on the Prairie” series. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s an invitation for guests to explore our 100 acres of walking trails, where they might encounter deer, bunnies, foxes, and more. Who knows, maybe there’ll be a wedding or two here someday!

Our journey is a work in progress, but we’re taking it one step and one day at a time.

We believe in perseverance, faith, and a deep respect for this land. At Whalen Farms, we’re not just growing gardens and fixing a 100 year old farmhouse; we’re cultivating dreams and a sense of community. Thanks for being part of the adventure with us!

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