Designing a Kitchen You Love

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For most mothers, a kitchen is a space you spend hours a day in.

It’s a place your kids tell their tails of the day while munching on snacks as you prepare dinner. It’s the spot you whip up their favorite treats. The floors they run across excitedly when they smell cookies in the oven. It’s where you find your husband sneaking in to slice off the heel of the freshly baked bread, smothering it in butter.

It’s the heart of the home. A space you use to express love to your family. A place of nurturing and memories.

So . . . do you love it?

Your kitchen that is?

If not, let’s fix that and right away.

Because if we’re going to be in it as much as we are, let’s make it a cozy space we love.

The kitchen is an extension of ourselves. So, what is your style? Let’s take that and bring it into the space.

Bright, happy, cozy. My style, and my kitchen

The kitchen in our hundred year old home was one of the things that sold me on the house. However, it was the potential it had, not the kitchen in its current state. It was big, but that’s about all that it had going for it.

We have remodel plans, but they are a few years off. So, what’s a girl to do with a rundown kitchen that just makes you sad when you walk in?

You get creative.

And now? I love my kitchen.

What did I do? Let’s walk through it step by step.

1st off: Fresh paint

For me, a space doesn’t feel my own until I’ve taken my hand to every part of it. And to begin, a fresh coat of paint does wonders. Pick the same as is currently there, or something completely different. There’s something about a clean canvas that does wonders for your spirit.

Next up: Window Treatments

What is it about curtains fluttering in the breeze that brings contentment? A sigh of relief. As if the breeze is taking your stress and troubles and floating them away and away.


Our counters were a dark, outdated laminate. It was too dark in there, and I new brightening up the counters would change the feel of the space. And friends, it did. I can’t believe the difference. I walk in and its bright and airy now.


Give me all the green. It brings life to a space. Sure, you can use faux, but the kitchen is alive, so to me, your plats should be as well. And water, you have them right at your fingertips in the sink, so it’s easy to keep them happy. Better yet, grow herbs so you can utilize them in your dishes. Nothing is as good as fresh herbs to make your dish extra special.

Herbs / Spices

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