Saturday Snippets #2

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Saturday snippets series post #2 is live! It's all my favorite things, all in one place. Favorite weekly buys, thoughts, & recaps!

Welcome to another Saturday snippets, the second in my new series. Snippets are about recapping the week, sharing random thoughts, and some of my favorite things from the past seven days.

If you haven’t, make sure to check out last week’s Saturday Snippets, it was a fun one!

Random thoughts this Saturday morning

  1. The garden is producing in full force. I have cucumbers coming out of my ears. Sadly though, apparently I either didn’t plant zucchini, or it didn’t grow. Either way, my son is missing the zucchini bread he waits for all year. I’ll have to head to the farmers market this Tuesday and grab some to whip up a batch. Also thinking of making refrigerater pickles with all my cucumbers. Does anyone have a great recipe they’d love to share with me?
  2. Costco has an amazing deal going on right now with their industrial size 6 quart Kitchen Aid, and Travis convinced me to snag one! It was $150 off the regular price. I found out pretty quickly after purchasing our last 5-quart tilt top, that it wasn’t big enough to handle my bread-making and double batches of cookies well. I ended up stripping the bottom of the bowl, so when I turn it on now I have to hold the bowl in place. It’s quite the ordeal. I’m very excited to have a lift-stand mixer that will hold in place with my large batch baking needs, and how perfcet that it came just in time for the start of fall baking?
Saturday snippets series post #2 is live! It's all my favorite things, all in one place. Favorite weekly buys, thoughts, & recaps!

3. Lisa, from one of my favorite blogs Farmhouse on Boone, just released her 4-week meal plans downloadable ebook. I purchased it and had it printed and bound at my local print store. Can’t wait to dig into these yummy recipes as we bring this summer season to a close with all the fresh produce from our garden put to good use.

Favorites from the Internet this week

I shared on Tuesday the Sandlot baseball-themed room makeover we’re doing for Tyrion, and since we’re working on brother’s room, Evelyn is hot on the thought that her room is next. Lucky for me, my friends over at Lolly Jane shared about the Frozen 2 themed room they just finished. It’s the perfect subtle child’s room decor I’m all about. Get inspiration from their project in this post.

Matching Halloween Pajamas for the Whole Family

I searched the internet far and wide today for the best Halloween pajamas for the 2021 season, and these are them. They always sell out super fast so we grabbed our matching pairs today. If this is also a tradition in your family as well, don’t wait long or all the cute and spooky sleepwear will disappear faster than you can say ghost!

Shop them all here:

And make sure you’re following along on Instagram and I’ll share which ones we picked when they arrive!

That’s it for this Saturday Snippets! I’ll see you again next week!

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