Man On The Moon Wood Round DIY with FREE PDF Stencil

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I’ve been eyeing this man on the moon since I first saw him appear in people’s decor last fall. He’s different, stunning, and I was crushing on him big time. And now, I have one of my very own.

Make this Man On The Moon Wood Round in under an hour with this with FREE PDF Stencil and full tutorial. #falldecor

When I posted about him on Instagram (do you follow me there yet?) people went crazy! I knew that I had to share how each and every person could have a man on the moon in their fall decor lineup too!

When making him, I searched far and wide for a stencil. I knew I wasn’t just going to purchase him fully completed because of the price. On Etsy, for the finished wood round size I wanted, a 24″, it was $120. I knew I could make him for much cheaper if I just had a stencil.

But, I couldn’t find one anywhere.

Oh sure, there were other man on the moon stencils, but they didn’t look like this guy, and he was the only version I wanted.

So I made a stencil with the help of Canva, and now I’m going to share it with you! Before you go any further, download him, and then we can get busy!

What you’ll need:

  • Wood round in perfered size
  • White paint
  • Black paint pen, paint and brush, or sharpie
  • Pencil
  • Printed Man on the Moon stencil (see below)

Download Man on the Moon below

Make this Man On The Moon Wood Round in under an hour with this with FREE PDF Stencil and full tutorial. #falldecor

This PDF prints on a full-size sheet of paper, which I feel would fit a 12″ round perfectly. I enlarged my version. For the 24″ round I enlarged him about 300%, and it took three pieces of paper taped together to make man on the moon stencil. You can also downsize it to make an even smaller, cute one.

Making, or purchasing a wood round

We always have a ton of extra wood laying around from other projects, so I decided to just cut out a piece from our surplus. However, if you don’t have that option, you can easily purchase many different sizes from places like Hobby Lobby and other craft or lumber stores.

To cut out our round, I simply tied a pencil onto a string, measured out 12″, cut the string, and tied a thumbtack onto the other end.

Make this Man On The Moon Wood Round in under an hour with this with FREE PDF Stencil and full tutorial. #falldecor

We used a jigsaw to cut it out and sanded down the sides. Once it was complete, I painted it white and allowed to dry. I only did one coat of paint, because I wanted it to look a little rustic and old. You could also sand areas to distress it even more.

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    I then took my stencil and played around on where I wanted it to be placed on my round. The bottom photo was taken before I painted it. I got a little excited and forgot to take a photo before beginning, but you get the idea.

    Once I figured that out, I turned the stencil around and shaded in the back area where the black printed features showed through from the front.

    I then flipped the papers back around, placed them on the moon, and stated over the outline of the printed facial features. After that, I removed the stencil, and the pencil was transferred from the back of the paper to the wood round.

    At this point I was getting giddy, he was looking handsome already.

    I’m a big deliver in paint pens. They get those sharp edges and corners so much easier than a paintbrush. It also cuts the time in half if not more. I had this guy completed in under an hour.

    I did wait for the black paint to dry for about 20 minutes and then went over it again one more time because I could still see a little of the white paint showing through.

    I’m still swooning over this guy. He’s the perfect accessory to fall decor and also transitions well into Halloween if you decorate for that as well. Stay tuned for a full tutorial on how I styled the mantle with this beauty!

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    1. Oh my goodness, so excited to have found this cutie!! I am trying to get him print right now, lol. My printer keeps only printing the left side of his face though, lol. No clue what I am doing wrong. Thank you for sharing him!

      1. Weird! I’ve had other people print him out and not have any issues. Are you downloading the PDF, then opening it up and selecting print? I hope that works!

    2. Can’t wait to try this!! Im having a hard time understanding how you traced the face onto the wood though…I’ve read and reread the post and still can’t quite figure it out. Does the shading transfer onto the wood when you flip it over?

      1. Exactly. Basically, you’re creating your own transfer paper. Or, you could also purchase transfer paper at your local craft store and use that instead. πŸ™‚

    3. I’m so grateful that you shared this. I’ve been looking for one myself. I’m thinking of adding some dimension with paper clay like a paper mache pulp look to make him look very vintage. Thank you again.

    4. I made it! I love it! I mirrored the image since I wanted the eyes looking at the bats I have on the wall next to it. I also added craters in shades of grey for a more moonish look. I used a 12″ wood round I bought at Walmart. Worked perfectly! Thank you for a great post!

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