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Are you ever in a shopping and baking mood? Because all I want to do lately is online shop while I whip up baked goods in my kitchen. It’s a problem. For my waistline and budget. But gosh it’s fun! My kitchen smells delicious constantly, and my home is getting cozier by the minute.

The leaves are just starting to change colors and even though it still gets hot in the day, the nights are crisp and cool, and we sleep with the windows open again. It’s my favorite.

The cool nights, falling leaves, and sensing October on the horizon has me wanting to bake and decorate all the things, and I’m answering the call. Do you know what I’ve been having lots of fun decorating with currently? Mushrooms!

Did you know

Known in German as glücklicher pilz or gluckspilz (which literally means “lucky mushroom”), the red-and-white speckled fungi grow deep in the forest. Its real name is Amanita muscaria or fly agaric, and finding one is thought to be a sign of good luck, similar to the way the Irish view four-leaf clovers. TOH

Mushrooms are fascinating and stunningly beautiful. Never two exactly alike, the shapes they take on, the caps, I could study them for days. Some are perfect to eat, while others are lethal. Mushrooms are simply amazing.

They also remind me of visiting anyone who was older when I was a kid. They all had vintage mushroom wall hangings, towels, plates and saucers. And while that may not be my exact style, it’s getting close.

Give me all the fall mushroom decor. Cozy and beautiful, they make not only great soups, but great tablescapes, wreaths, and more.

I placed an order for some mushroom decor and can’t wait for it to arrive. I also have a few crafts on the horizon that I’m excited to create. Stay tuned!

Snag some of my mushroom decor:

Happy mushroom hunting!

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