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Hello and welcome friend! Come along, watch, and learn with our family as we turn a run-down farmhouse on 100+ acres in Tennessee into our dream homestead. We’re determined to fix the house up to her former glory, restore the land around the barns, create pastures, and clean up the forest! (We’re also adding a BNB soon!) Learn from our homesteading fails and successes! We’ll be sharing all the good stuff – from home remodel, to canning hacks and gardening tips, and of course our adventures in animal husbandry. Join the journey for a slice of country living, DIY, and lots of yummy recipes. Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the farm!

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Three houses, and three gardens later, I’ve got to say our current set up is my favorite. Our cottage gardens are inspired by my beloved book “Secret Garden”. While our gardens are made for production, they’re also styled for beauty. See how we did it and follow along!

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Oh friend, this has been years in the making. I’ve always wanted to share wisdom and inspiration to those ready to learn in a community environment. And it’s finally happening! Join the wait list today!

Whalen Farms

Want to dig deeper into what we’re doing with this land we felt called across the country to love on and fix up? Find out our plans, hopes, and dreams as we begin year three living our our calling on our little slice of Tennessee

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