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Who is Eryn?

I’m a homeschooling mom of 2, who moved from Washington state in 2022 to the beautiful rolling hills of west Tennessee to enjoy a simpler, slower placed life with my family. Together with my better half, Travis, we’re tackling our hundred year old farmhouse and taming the 100+ acres we now call home.

At my core, I’m simply a mom who loves my babies, looks forward to coffee every morning, is a bit of a health nut, wants to have two of every animal like Noah, and derives joy from baking in my kitchen. When not in the kitchen, you can find me playing with home decor, out weeding the garden, harvesting herbs, or tending the animals. Never far away are my minis, Tyrion & Evelyn. They’re my little shadows. You’ll often find them playing in the woods, or chicken and duck wrangling.

What I share on here:

I’m a creator at heart. Call me multi-passionate, because I love to do so many things. But at the center of it all, is home. My true passion is to bring heart to the place we call home. That turning into the driveway is a joy and walking through the door is much anticipated by all who enter. That it’s a place of love, of warmth, of cozy. That here, you feel safe. This blog is all about sharing my passions and love of home with you. From my favorite recipes, to home decor tips, to encouragement from one mom to another., let’s tend our homes together.

Our house story: We started in a tiny house in the heart of the city, then 8 years later relocated to a home on half an acre on the outskirts of town. Four years later, we packed it all up and headed out east, to what we hope to be our forever homestead, Whalen farms.

Exciting news! Coming June 2024: The Tiny House BNB

A little about me

  • I grew up on 20 acres in Eastern Washington, rode horses all throughout my teen years, and participated in 4-H western gaming. Two of my favorite horses were Arabians, Sweetheart, and Nevada.
  • I grew up in the garden and kitchen. My mom and dad always had a huge garden where they used the produce to can salsa, tomatoes, jalapenos, and so many other things.
  • Up until I had kids I baked wedding cakes as a side gig. Cakes are still a fun hobby of mine and I bake them a lot for family and friends. One of my favorites to date is the Valentine’s cake from a few years back.
  • I’ve always loved to write. When I was 12 I started a magazine called Genuine and sent it out quarterly. I had about 40 subscribers from all over the U.S.

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I have a podcast: Homestead Journey!

I started this podcast to share how we moved across the country, and all the nitty gritty details everyone wanted to hear. From there, it’s expanded to homestead content, and interviews with other creators, and it’s a ton of fun! Listen on all podcast platforms.

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Find me on TV!

In January 2023 I was part of Washington Grown TV. I shared some of my favorite recipes, kitchen hacks, and more in each episode!

Want to know more about Whalen Farms and what we’re doing with our 100+ acres? Check it out below!

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