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Are you a holiday lover? I sure am. And Valentine’s is one of my favorites. The house always feels a tad sad and empty after all the Christmas decor goes away for another year. But when I add pops of red and pink Valentines decor, well. . . my house just feels happy again.

And I know, sometimes Valentines decor can come off loud and overpowering, and you may want something a bit more subtle. I added some browns into my decor to soften it a bit and transition well into our regular decor.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Are you a holiday lover? I sure am. And Valentine's is one of my favorites. The house always feels a tad sad and empty after all the Christmas decor goes away for another year. But when I add pops of red and pink Valentines decor, well, my house just feels happy again.
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Use what you already have, and add some paper bags!

Although I provide some links to fun Valentine’s decor that’s similar to what I used below, you don’t have to purchase anything! Get creative with what you already have and brainstorm a bit! You can come up with almost anything if you put your thinking cap on! Red Christmas decor can come in handy too! The garland I used was repurposed from Christmas!

Even if you just purchased some paper bags and cut them out like I did, it cost under $10 for and they make such an impact. Small note, I didn’t use any of the bags at full size. I cut the tops down quite a bit. (See the video below for an example) It will depend on the space you’re decorating if you’d like the bags full size or not.

Also, I didn’t have any white or colored paper bags, but adding in other colors will also keep the visual appeal high, without being too loud and obnoxious if that’s something that bothers you.

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    Valentine’s decor supplies:

    Making the paper bag stars

    The paper bag snowflake trend went crazy over the Christmas season. And for good reason. They are beautiful, easy to make, and super affordable! I didn’t have time to incorporate them through Christmas, but knew I wanted to try them soon. Valentine’s seemed perfect!

    With most tutorials, I saw people using glue sticks to adhere the bags together. I had problems with this because:

    1. I’m impatient with glue drying.

    2. No matter how well I seemed to glue them, they didn’t hold great and would tear apart when I fanned them out.

    3. The buildup from the glue seemed to make cutting the bags harder!

    Instead, I used my favorite crafting supply item – a hot glue gun! I used it for my DIY Cherry Blossom Tree, the Tissue Paper Garland I made for a Valentine’s Mimosa Bar, and pretty much every other craft I’ve ever done.

    Watch the video below for how I used the hot glue gun to make my stars.

    Easy Peasy right?

    I also sliced the red hearts just an inch or so in the top V and folded them over to give a more 3-D look. Then to adhere to the wall, I simply used command strips to hold them into position!

    Sit back and enjoy your new Valentines decor

    I immediately turned on P.S. I love you, because it seemed Valentine appropriate, and bawled my eyes out for the next hour and a half. Have you seen it? If not, get the tissues ready before you watch. I don’t care how much of non-cryer you are, you’ll shed a tear watching this movie!

    More fun Valentine’s crafts are coming soon, so make sure to stop back by. Also, there are desserts on the horizon! Follow along on Instagram where I share all my projects in real time so you don’t miss a thing!

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