Life after Whole30 & Exciting News! Chicago bound!

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Hey guys!!!! About time I popped over to do a quick update on how Whole30 went and life again now that I’m paleo 80% of the time. I get to share some super exciting news today as well. (Hint: it involves a trip!)

Things have been so crazy the blog has taken a little backseat of late, but that’s okay. Moving is a big friggin deal and takes so much time! Also taking up a lot of time: painting and little remodel projects. But they are so gratifying I find it really hard to put down the paintbrush and step back for a bit.

Our latest accomplishment was painting the kitchen and dining room and installing new lighting.

Before that it was painting the formal living room.

This week I decided to take a break from the house projects and focus on getting back on track with my blog and life in general! There will always be more walls to paint when I’m ready. 😉

Whole30/Paleo update

February 1st started Whole30 for me and a small FB group made up of about 17 people. It was going great until I went into the kitchen about 18 days in, bent down to grab the cashew cream for my morning coffee, and couldn’t stand up again! Something happened to my sciatica and it totally threw me for a loup. I was almost halfway through 80 Day Obsession too, (a program by Beachbody) and was disappointed that I had been trying so hard and my body simply said nope. The whole first day it happened I spend curled up on the couch in a ball, the only way I could get relief. The remainder of the week I gimped around like an old cripple.

I ended up having a pity party for myself and eating a few things I shouldn’t have. I wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t Whole30 compliant either. After the swelling in my back went down a bit I was able to go to the chiropractor and that helped significantly. Two visits and I’m almost back to normal. He said most likely my sciatica issues was caused by the perfect storm: Moving & unpacking, and an intense workout regimen & all the painting and funny positions I put myself in to reach all my walls. (facepalm)

Whole30 results

I lost about four pounds overall, but feel so much thinner. The bloat and swelling of a bad diet had all my clothes on the tight side, and now everything fits well again. That right there is a huge win! Can’t wait to go shopping for some updated spring and summer clothes!

The Paleo Life

I’m back to paleo Monday – Friday with wine on the weekends and an occasional cheat meal and coffee. You know coffee is my jam and along with my regular black coffee with cashew cream in the mornings, I also get almond milk vanilla lattes with regular syrup about two to three times a week. I can’t do the sugar free stuff, it just tastes nasty. I’d rather cheat and enjoy it than feel jipped because my coffee tastes like crap. Life is short, ya know?

My Fav Paleo must haves

Sunday shopping essentials. Goodies for the week: ✔

A post shared by ERYN WHALEN | PALEO ? (@eryn_whalen_online) on

I’ve gotten myself out of my boring food box and been experimenting more with yummy paleo treats. Everything in the above picture is the bomb. Seriously so satisfying and hits the spot when I have a chip or cookie craving, or need an epic salad. The chipotle mayo is the right amount of spicy and creamy, and works great to dip carrots in or slather on top of a bunless burger. These things help me stay on track and keep me from straying to hard from the paleo diet. My favorite place to shop right now is Natural Grocers. They have so many healthy paleo and Whole30 food options! I’m always in search for the next epic paleo treat so make sure to follow me on Instagram as I share them all there!

Leaving on a jet plane.

That’s right! I’m headed to Chicago in May with Now Foods!

I filled out an application while staying at my parents waiting on our new house and in the craziness of moving completely forgot about it. (Not like I thought I would get accepted anyhow, it was a long shot.) I love their products though and figured why not at least try. And what do you know, I was driving out to get more paint for the house last Monday and got a text saying I was accepted for the event and would the dates still work for me to fly to Chicago. Say what?! I was floored!

Cannot wait to experience my first fully paid for trip by a company who sees me as a worthwhile investment. Cloud friggin nine. Blogging is no joke. It’s hard, lonely, and a lot of the time you feel like you’re talking simply to yourself. Which is okay. I love to write so it’s a good outlet for me anyhow. But to blog for a living? Well that takes a whole lotta work. The blogging world is saturated and to stand out you got to show up, be consistent, make amazing content, and have a solid following. It’s not for the faint of heart. I mean, it seems like every other SAHM is a blogger right? And while I in no means have it all figured out, I’m feeling like slowly, painfully, I’m growing and seeing the fruits of my labor. I love this. I love being able to sit at my computer and have a fun chat with people all around the world! And hopefully you as a reader get some semi decent information from me that might make your life a tad better. That’s my hope anyhow.

And with that my update is complete. I’ve got lots of fun ideas for the blog this year, and now that life is starting to settle down a bit I’ll be able to invest more time into it again! I hope you stick around to see it all!

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  1. I have never been to Chicago but would love to visit. Also, I love learning about all of these new Paleo products.

  2. What a difference in your home! I love white trim in a home. I also have white trim. I love cooking Whole30, Paleo, and Ketogenic type of meals. Congrats on your upcoming Chicago trip!

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