Whole30 snack ideas for the busy life

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Whole30 snack? Wait, I thought they didn’t recommend that?

Okay true. It’s kinda frowned upon to snack during Whole30, and believe me, I get why. Mindless snacking, even of healthy food, can add up fast. Being a serial snacker it’s a problem I’m all to familiar with. I start the day with my allotted calories (based on my height, weight, goals, and metabolism) eat a solid breakfast, snack a little, a good lunch, snack a little, and by the time dinner rolls around I have 300 calories left and I’m starving. No bueno.

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So, I get the recommendations. But I also get that for those who are new to the program or those that work out at an intense level, it’s a hard adjustment, and maybe one nearly impossible to make. As a newbie Whole30/paleo eater, your body may be so accustomed to snacking you need to add in a few just to make it the first couple weeks or so. For the workout junkies, you’re burning so many calories your body needs fuel pre and post workout so those workouts are building up your body instead of breaking it down.

Well then, what do you snack on? No sugar whatsoever makes it harder than even finding paleo friendly boxed goods. There are a few though, and I’m about to cover them all here, as well as couple snacks you can whip up at home on the fly.

When you have a sweet tooth

This is my area so worry not, I’ve got options for you. Man do I want a chocolate cake right now. No not a slice, the whole dang thing! Okay I joke. Kinda. (As I write this I’m on day 14 of Whole30) Anyhow. There are some bars that are Whole30 approved, and you can find them in most health food sections at your local stores.

Lara bars

These ones are a great option because they are pretty budget friendly. Just make sure you grab an approved one. Only about half the ones they make meet the Whole30 standards.

Whole30 snack ideas


Definitely more on the pricey side, but still, these are a favorite of mine. They seriously hit the spot and I find are nice and filling. The 12 grams of protein helps with that I’m sure!

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Thunderbird Real Food Bars

These I have also not had the pleasure of trying yet, but they are on my list. Thunderbird bars are made in Texas and use fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, and nothing else it states on their website. They also have what appears to be some yummy kids bars and with my goal the past month to get my kids off so much sugar, this looks like a great choice! They recommend Whole30r’s try their Cacao + Hemp + Walnut, & Cashew + Fig + Carrot bars, or anything out of their nut and seed line. Shop their site here. They are also available at Natural Grocers stores and Whole Foods. (Look at their site stores near you.)

Whole30 snack ideas

Figgy Pops

These organic fruit and nut “pops” have quite the following. I just added them to my Amazon cart and will let you know what I think over on my IG soon! whole30 snack ideas, whole30 snacks, figgy pops,

Dang Coconut Chips

Only the original flavor of these are Whole30 approved. But how good would these be over cooked peaches or sprinkled over another kids of fruit? Or just to pop in your mouth. I’m missing a good crunch about right now.Dang coconut chips, whole30 snack ideas,

When you want something savory

Organic Living Superfoods

This is one of my favorite companies! They sent me some samples a while back and I fell in love. Not everything they carry is Whole30 though, so check the labels before ordering. My absolute favorite Whole30 approved snack from them? Their sprouted Pizza Almonds. They are the bomb!!!!! Seriously! Save 20% off your first order by using:


at checkout! Shop here!

organic living superfoods


Epic jerky

I am absolutely in love with what this company stands for. Follow them on Instagram for more details, or head on over to their site and read through their philosophy. It’s my heart in words. They stand for true honestly nourishment, while honoring and respecting the animals that nourishment comes from. They state:

EPIC foods begin with a living animal. We believe that all ruminants should consume diets they were biologically intended to eat and roam freely outdoors. As a result our beef, venison, wild boar, lamb, and bison are raised on open pasture just how nature intended. We continuously strive to convert ranchers to this pasture based livestock model, and through our products, create financial incentives to help change American agriculture. Through our sourcing, we support organizations devoted to improving animal welfare standards. Our key allies are The Savory Institute, The Global Animal Partnership, The Certified Humane Project, and The Marine Stewardship Council

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Chomps grass fed beef snacks

Another fun one is Chomps grass fed beef snacks. You can find these at Trader Joe’s and Amazon.

Chomps whole30 snack

Like to live on the wild side? Chapul, the cricket bar, is also approved.

Bugs for breakfast? Sure! If you’re having a Chapul bar! Their slogan is “Feeding the fearless” and although I don’t consider myself in that category, maybe you are! The Whole30 site did an interview with the creator back in 2013 (find it here) and he goes into why cricket flour is the next best thing! They have tons of flavors if you can get over the whole bug eating thing. Grab your sample pack here!

Shop this post:

Quick snacks made from home

Some great options you can make at home, that are also more budget friendly:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Apple and almond butter
  • Almonds or other nuts
  • Berries
  • Mandrins
  • Plantain chips and approved guacamole 
  • DIY trail mix

I’m sure you can come up with more combos, these are just a few to get the juices flowing!

Did I miss any Whole30 snacks that you enjoy!? Do you think this post will help you with your Whole30 journey? Let me know in the comment!

Happy Whole30ing! 😉

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