Staying Hydrated in Winter

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Staying hydrated in winter is so. dang. hard. Who wants to drink water when they’re freezing?

I ride the struggle bus with staying hydrated from about November – March. I am constantly freezing during winter, so who wants to drink cold water? I’ve already got cold toes and fingers, am wearing sweatshirts constantly, and my lips are a shade of purple/blue. Yes I know, my circulation stinks. So, how could I possibly want to drink enough water?

Did you know staying hydrated in the summer can actually be easier? Because hello, drinking cold water when you’re hot is refreshing. Not so easy when it’s freezing out.

staying hydrated in winter. Tips and tricks for getting your water in.

Thankfully, there are several fun way to make getting your water quota in doable.

I mean, I’d drink coffee all day long because coffee is mostly water, 😉 but I’m pretty sure that’s not entirely healthy. So, I’ve found a few other products that are better for you, and help up your H2O intake

Staying hydrated tips

First thing I do every morning when I walk downstairs, before pouring my coffee is to grab a large cup of lukewarm water, (I can’t do ice cold right when I wake up) add some lemon juice, and chug it. I don’t allow myself to think, debate, or whine about it, I just do. It’s a great way to start my system each morning, because let me tell you, after my first cup of coffee, all I want it coffee. I’ll usually sip three cups over the course of the next two hours, and only want water after my last cup.

I do the same thing before bed each night. I brush my teeth, wash my face, and down a half glass of water, minus the lemon. Nothing huge, I don’t want to be up peeing all night long, but I feel its good to give your body something to run off of while you sleep.

Along with these two ways to help stay hydrated, I have several other tools in my arsenal to insure I’m getting my daily quota.


Effer-C™ is great because it provides a little tang to your water, but also has 1,000 milligrams of Vitamin C to give your immune system a boost. I’m a hundred percent on board with that. So much sickness exchanges hands in wintertime and this winter seems extra bad. I make sure to get this in at least once a day, and I love these little travel friendly sticks so I can carry them in my bag while I’m out and about. Find it on Amazon. It comes in cranberry pomegranate, elderberry, lemon lime, and orange.

staying hydrated in winter tips and help.

Slender Sticks™

These little guys are so much fun! They come in a ton of flavors and are completely sugar free, sweetened with stevia. Each stick is only 10 calories, has 8 daily needed vitamins, contains electrolytes, and has no artificial flavors or preservatives. Get them in multiple flavors and switch it up often. Find them on Amazon in Grape, Pomegranate, Acai Lemonade, Tropical punch, and Coconut water.


I’m going to be honest here, I want to love love tea, but it’s been a constant struggle. However, there are a few kinds that I do enjoy on occasion. The Better Off Red™ is honestly, truly good. I promise. It’s a vanilla-citrus blend and it’s not watered down yet not overpowering. Does that make sense? I love the combo of sweet and citrus. This is a perfect afternoon pick me up. I always need to sip or eat something around 2pm. It’s a great in my hand, warm and comforting treat.

NOW has a ton of amazing other teas as well. Check them all out here.

staying hydrated in winter, tips and tricks.

Love it sweet?

Liquid stevia is great to add to any drink that you’d like a little sweeter, but without the guilt or problems of added sugar. Better Stevia® comes in multiple flavors so you’re sure to be able to grab one that will work for you! Find it in Lemon Twist, French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, original, and so many more!

staying hydrated in winter. Tips and tricks to up your water intake.

And don’t forget my lemon ginger detox drink concentrate. Staying hydrated is made a little simpler using these tips and products!

How are you staying hydrated this winter? Any tips you can share?

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