Saturday Snippets #5

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Happy Saturday snippets #5 friends!

P.S. How have we been at Saturday Snippets for five weeks now? Gosh, time flies!

On the blog this past Tuesday I shared how we added verticle shiplap on a wall in Tyrion’s room when we did his baseball-themed makeover. It was so easy and made a huge impact.

For a full list of the items used in his bedroom, including the posters I purchased off Etsy, see the post all about it!

Moving onto fall things

I’m pretty proud of myself so far this year. I’ve been planning ahead for the coming season and holidays and that’s big for me. I’m usually a fly by the seat of my pants girl but with homeschooling, all the end of summer chores like harvesting and canning, and all the other must-do things when running a household, I felt it was time to put on my big girl pants and try to stay ahead of everything. I want to be able to savor and enjoy the seasons more, instead of feeling like I’m constantly trying to catch up.

  • I purchased these super cute bats from Amazon for Halloween decor, even though I’m not decorating for Halloween until October.
  • The first Christmas present for the family is already hiding in my closet. Did you play Battleship when you were little? We loved that game growing up.

For Halloween, I’m going to put the Spiders on our house again, but I’m adding even more spiders this time and maybe some blue lights? It’s going to be good!

This past Friday, to celebrate our first week of school being completed, we headed up to Greenbluff, a local farming community, and grabbed some of the last peaches of the season and brought them home to make mini peach pies and peach jam. It felt, and smelled, like fall in our house.

Today we're talking Halloween decor, all things fall, Christmas presents, and more!

I shared this Instagram Reel of our pie baking and I’ve watched it more times than about anyone else I think. These moments are so precious.

For peach jam, I use the recipe in one of my favorite canning and preserving books, Putting Food By. It’s an oldie but a goodie! I use it for almost all of my preserving recipe needs!

Favorites from around the internet this week:

I’ve been getting all the fall porch inspiration I need from this post on 20 frightfully fun Halloween porch ideas

Here’s my front porch from last year after we painted our door black!

Today we're talking Halloween decor, all things fall, Christmas presents, and more!

On a whim, I asked Google what the best places to visit Vermont in the fall are. Because doesn’t Vermont just scream fall? I’ve always wanted to visit in October. Here was the post that shared the 5 Best Vermont Towns To Visit. Go check out that post for the photos alone. I mean, ugh, so gorgeous!

Side note, if you’re not following Kiel James Patrick on Instagram, I don’t think you’re doing Autumn right. Just saying.

Also, I want to host a party just so I can re-create this Fall Epic Charcuterie Board by the Reluctant Entertainer. It’s making me hungry just reading about it!

And that’s all I’ve got on this crisp fall morning! Hope you get to enjoy and relax this weekend!

XOXO, Eryn

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