Non-Cheesy Halloween Decor from Amazon

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I love to decorate for the holidays. I look forward to the months of October through December each and every year. It’s like game time for me. And I don’t mean football. It’s when I excitedly roll up my sleeves and ring in the holidays with a home filled to the brim with all the cozy cheer. And for October, that means non-cheesy Halloween decor.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a little orange, but I think it can easily be overdone. I love a more subtle, relaxing decor instead of bright colors and patterns that can easily overwhelm the senses. Instead, I want items that blend easily into my current decor.

Like this cozy fireplace. Doesn’t it just make you want to snuggle up with a good book?

You can find out how I made the moon for the fireplace in this post. It was so simple, anyone could do it!

So now that you know my style, it’s time to share my favorite Amazon Halloween finds!

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    Halloween Decor From Amazon

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    1. I’ll take that Ghost Coffee Cup. It’s so adorable yet subtle, which is my cup of tea. 😉
    2. Give me sckulls, but make them mason jar skulls. Because I like scary cute.
    3. And these dish towels are just the right amount of Halloween but classy.
    4. This set of Halloween party supplies are almost too adorable to use. Almost.
    5. The top hat tipping skelleton adorning this Halloween nested dip bowl set invites you to come over and snack a bit.
    6. And this ghost pitcher dares you to pour yourself a little refreshment after.
    7. Snag the Felt Halloween garland to top of your decor and you’re ready to usher in the harvest celebrations!
    The best Amazon Halloween finds for non-cheesy decor. #amazonhalloween

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    1. This ghost garland is boootifully cute!
    2. These confetti balloons would be perfect for a Halloween party.
    3. If you don’t have Halloween lighting is it even called decorating?
    4. Candles are another must. I spray-painted some black and made this table centerpiece last year.
    5. For outdoors, we hung these witches hats around the front porch and it was a huge hit.
    6. Along with the hats, we attatched these giant spiders to the house. See the full look here.
    7. And for a festive front porch look, add these happy pumpkins. See my current fall porch in this post.

    There you are! Cute, affordable, and cozy Halloween decor to decorate, or party with, in October.

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