Fashion meets practical in this perfect leather crossbody: named after . . . me!?

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Pinch me, I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming about what just happened. See, I have this leather crossbody bag, named after me, designed by me and my Instagram followers, and made by Aaron, owner and creator behind the company TGR Leatherwork!

Fashion meets practical in this perfect leather crossbody, made in the USA from quality Kentucky leather.

I’m dreaming right? How do I get to partner and design a leather crossbody bag?

Let’s back up a little and I’ll tell you a tale. I wouldn’t believe it myself except the proof is sitting in all its leather glory on my desk right this moment.

If you’re one of my IG buddies and already know the story, and you just want to grab your bag: CLICK HERE for your Eryn Crossbody <- How is this life that I just wrote that?


I’m going to be really honest here, instagram is kind of my jam. I’m in no way “Instafamous”, but I have a small following I truly adore! They are my people! We chat daily, share stories, things we love, and on and on. It’s my favorite little spot on the internet. Well, besides this blog that is!

Fashion meets practical in this perfect leather crossbody, made in the USA from quality Kentucky leather.

It’s crazy the amount of opportunities and collaborations this little IG platform has allowed me to be part of. But, when I got a message from TGR Leatherwork about designing a bag with them? Well . . . I almost though it was a joke.

Who? Me?

Hu?! I looked at my phone, then pointed to myself before looking up and scanning my surroundings. (Picture me looking for some way cooler, hipper, more successful version of me, because they honestly didn’t truly mean. . . well. . . me?) but no, it was this Eryn they messaged, and man, it was a hard decision to say yes.

My babies and me.

I almost talked myself out of it

I didn’t want to disappoint Aaron and Abby, the sweet couple behind TGR Leatherwork. The minute they wrote design a bag my mind went blank. I couldn’t have designed a paperweight at that moment. The inferiority complex reared its ugly head. Who are YOU girl, (Some high-school power player is snapping her fingers and shaking her head back and forth with her hips) to think you’d be any good at this.

Say no, you’re just not worthy enough to work on a project this size, and you don’t want to start down the path and have them be disappointed when they realize how not cool you really are.

Truly, those were my first thoughts.

Thankfully I’ve trained myself a lot over the years to shake that ish off!!!! (Guys, it’s been a lot of self learning books, I’m not going to lie) But as I typed out Y – E – S, in the email I was scared to death. Sweaty palms, nervous laugh to myself in my car. (Wow, that’s super creepy Eryn . . .) But then I had a thought. Why don’t I let my Instagram followers help design it! After all, they don’t just want me, they want my audience, so let’s let my IG friends decide how this design is going to go down.

Thankfully Aaron and Abby were on board with this plan!

Fashion meets practical in this perfect leather crossbody, made in the USA from quality Kentucky leather.

Figuring out the bones of the bag

I scoured none other than Pinterest, my go to inspiration center, for all things bags. I quickly found that the leather crossbody style was what I wanted to model our creation after. As a mom, (many of my IG followers are mamas as well) I knew we needed a hands free option that we could swing over our shoulder as we picked up a hurt child, held a hand crossing the street, and preformed other “mom duties.”

Fashion meets practical in this perfect leather crossbody, made in the USA from quality Kentucky leather.


Now it was time to recruit help! I jumped onto IG stories, because it’s the place I go to really connect to my core followers, and I said “Guys! Let’s design this bag together!”

Over the course of about two weeks I asked different questions with polls, and they gave their opinions! Out of these answers our bag was born!

Instagram poll time!

Shop the bag here

Who is TGR Leatherwork?

Aaron and Abby are the faces behind this amazing company based out of San Diego California. Aaron started out making his friends in the military belts and other leather goods, and when he came home from deployment a few ladies at his church asked if he could make them leather bags, and the rest is history!

Guys, Aaron is so dang talented. His work speaks for itself, but just to do a bit more of a shout out to this growing small business: All the leather used in these purses are from a US Tannery in Kentucky and of the highest quality. Nothing ships overseas and Aaron hand sews them all together. If you scroll down their website you can see him working in a short video. You can also see their sweet dog, and the one that is stamped on front of the purse! How friggin cute is that!!!!!

TGR Leatherwork

The Eryn Crossbody bag:

I’ve been using this bag for over a month now, testing it out in my every day life, and it passes with flying colors. Somehow, this beautiful leather seems to match any outfit I put on. I’m constantly throwing my phone in the front pocket so I can grab it quickly, and the keys and anything I’m going to need soonish goes in the inside pocket.

Fashion meets practical in this perfect leather crossbody, made in the USA from quality Kentucky leather.

The very first thing I asked when developing a purse is if they could add a tassel. I wanted one so bad! For a bit extra in cost they can also attach one to yours too! Isn’t it the cutest little thing? Gah, I love it!

Fashion meets practical in this perfect leather crossbody, made in the USA from quality Kentucky leather.

Shop the bag here.

breaking down cost: Why it’s super affordable

I’m going to be complete honest, I’ve never been a purse of the month girl. I simply don’t want to take the time, give the money, or have the storage to invest in a $40 to $60 fashion purse ever few months. Hey, I said I’m being transparent!

But, I will spend a bit of money on a purse I know I’ll have for years, because to me it’s an investment. My last purse was COACH that I bought in Vegas for $300. I remember my sister thinking I was insane because growing up our family simply didn’t spend that kind of money on “things”. But ladies and gentlemen, I used that bag for over seven years, and it stood the test of time. Why? Because it was quality. That breaks down to $42 bucks a year, or $3 a month to live my life out of that purse. I think I did pretty well when you put it that way.

The Eryn Crossbody is no where near that price. (especially with you use the special discount code below, but it’s only valid for 14 days, so don’t wait!) And while this bag isn’t the price of a Target special, you are getting beautiful, US made, small business, I know who pieced this bag together quality. That my friends, is worth way more than the price of said bag!

Getting your hands on this beauty – and your discount code

Okay, down to the nitty gritty! This bag is LIVE on the TGR Leatherwork site as of today! And because you’re special and I love you, Aaron is giving my people an extra $25 off their bag with the code: ERYNWHALEN

This is huge and such a special gift for my readers and followers, so thanks TGR Leatherworks for making my peeps feel extra special!


(and enter ERYNWHALEN in the discount code spot at checkout.)

Thank you

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to Aaron and Abby for taking a chance and reaching out to me, to my Instagram fam, who I love more by the day, and to everyone reading this. Because you’re here, by reading my words you support me, whether this bag is for you or not. You took the time out of your busy day to listen to my journey, and I thank YOU. (Gosh, is this how it feels to get an Oscar. “I’d like to thank the academy.) 😉 But seriously, without getting too sappy. This whole project meant the world to me. I feel as excited as little Evelyn twirling in her new dress!

My sweet little lady

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