January home organization & cleaning challenge

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Hey all! Gah, my blog host and I have been fighting the past two days . . but I won! Finally! (It only took about 7 hours.) If you’re friends with me on IG, then you already know what’s coming! Let’s get fired up and ready for our cleaning challenge!

January Cleaning Challenge

I’ve been so excited to share about the #JanuaryCleaningChallenge! Eeek! The past three years I actually hosted a few different January challenges. The first two were a 12 Week Year challenge. Which was so fun, and honestly I love the book. But, things have been going so good with how I’ve been doing life lately, that I don’t want the added pressure of staking on more timelines and goals into the mix.

The last challenge I co-ran with my sister this past January was a Whole30 one. But, I’ve come to realize after doing the FASTer way to Fat-loss, that Whole30 is simply too restrictive and not at all what I need in my life anymore. I’m free from my diet and restriction mentality. It’s liberating actually. You can read all about my FASTer way results and takeaway in this post.

This year. . . this year is different. I’m making tangible progress in my business and have that part running smoothly. (Lots of fun stuff headed your way!) So, I decided to take my January challenge and switch it up yet again.

cleaning challenge

When I did a poll in IG stories last week it was pretty darn unanimous that most everyone wanted to do a cleaning challenge! This proved I’m not the only one that gets scatterbrained when my house is a mess! I have the hardest time thinking and creating when constantly living in disorganization.

Kinda like how I have to have my kitchen clean before heading to bed or I can’t sleep as well. Ya feel me? It’s the most depressing site walking into the kitchen in the morning with a pile of dishes staring at you from the sink and dirty counters. I’m shuddering just thinking about it. But, I digress.

January organization and cleaning challenge

Let’s have some fun together! Use the hashtag #Januarycleaningchallenge to share your before and afters and see how others are doing. I always hold myself to a higher standard when working towards a goal with a group. I am ready to have a clean house! Are you with me!?

Funny, you’d think that moving less than a year ago we’d be pretty clean and organized. But, I’ve been hanging onto items thinking I’ll find space for them, and it’s time to find that spot or out with it! Plus, a year really is a long time to accumulate things.

Make sure in January to follow and check my IG stories daily as I’ll be sharing tips, tricks, and real life struggles each day as we tackle our next project. Can’t wait for the feeling of utter domination once January is done! I can hear the angels singing already. Seriously, so excited guys. Thanks for joining me!

Let’s rock 2019! I know once we tackle our homes the rest of life will come just a little bit easier. When your haven is warm, inviting, and doesn’t smell like animals, (wait, just my house?) you’ll be ready for anything life throws at you! Let’s do this!

January Cleaning Challenge, Eryn Whalen

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