Fall Roundup! What to wear, watch, & do this season.

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When the seasons change I get all atwitter! So let’s do a fall roundup!

Who doesn’t want an amazing fall experience? Most of us are Pinteresting like crazy all the fun activities we’d like to do, movies we can’t wait to watch, foods we’re excited to whip up, and clothes we want to wear. Wardrobes get revamped, crock-pots are dusted off, and we become excited about all the holidays approaching. Bring. It. On!

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I decided to do a little fall roundup post and gather the essentials together in one spot for your convenience! Make sure to Pin these so you can come back later or share to Facebook so all your friends can get in on the fall magic too! (I’m brown-nosing here. Help a girl out? Thanks!) 😉

First up: Apparel!

Graphic tees will forever have a place in my heart. But graphic sweatshirts? Now life is complete. Fall is all about fun comfy clothes and these totally fit the bill! Plus they’re SUPER affordable!

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

Don’t you want them all?! I’m dying to add to my collection. Especially the “pumpkin spice, hocus pocus, and cozy sweaters” one. I mean, it’s a need right? (Totally, it’s totally a need. I’ll vouch for you if you vouch for me) 😉

Next: The Movies

Let me be straight here. I can’t do scary movies. At all. I remember over ten years ago starting a new job and being invited to the theater to watch Saw with a coworker. Looking at her point blank I said, “Saw? Isn’t that scary?” She looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, and said “No, not really.” So I went.

Worst decision ever!

I was watching the movie and wanted to disappear into my chair. I walked out after, looked at the girl I went with and said “Well thanks. Bye.” and never hung out with her again! Yeah, that’s how much I don’t do scary. If you’re anything like me you’ll really enjoy the movies listed below. They put you in the fall mood, without overdoing it and making it so you have to sleep with your light on all night. And even then you don’t seep.

Because you’re scared . . . so scared.

I also watched Paranormal Activity once. Travis was watching with me and towards the end at the super suspenseful part I took a blanket, lunged at Travis, and shouted “Don’t look!!!!! Please don’t look!!!!!” and buried myself in the blanket with him. I was so afraid something bad would happen if we watched!!!!! Seriously, I had to take the DVD back to the rental place before going to sleep that night. I couldn’t have it in my home. And still I slept with the light on . . . for over a week! No shame over my scared-to-friggin-death game.

These movies below though, they won’t keep you up at night. Scouts honor!

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Let’s get comfy and drink coffee! (Or tea, or whatever you want to pour into a giant mug!)

Fall is about chilly mornings, strong coffee, evenings in front of the fire, and huge warm blankets. Below is a list of my favorite things to get cozy with. And the cups? Oh man! The cups below are by the best Etsy shop ever:  A Little Tinsel. Her mugs are THE BOMB. I have the Gilmore Girl mug and it’s one of my favorites.  Nice and heavy, it feels good in my hands and keeps the coffee warm longer. Her fall designs are epic. (And if you love Harry Potter, she’s got so many amazing mugs for you too! Make sure to check her out!)

pjs, pijamas, fall comfy, cozy, fall cozy, pumpkin spice, slippers, fall outfits, fall needs, fall wants, plaid,

Who after reviewing that list doesn’t just want to sink into a puddle of blankets on a couch surrounded by steaming cups of your favorite beverage in front of a fire? Come over and we’ll do it together! (Best friend bonding time!)

What To Do This Fall

There is SO MUCH!!!! Where do we start!?!? Autumn is one of the funnest seasons to get creative and try new things, as well as the ever comfortable traditional fall activities. Every weekend could be booked with plaid wearing, pumpkin spice sipping adventures! How about a Fall Checklist to help make sure you get it all done!?

fall checklist, fall to do's, fall plan, this fall, autumn, fallClick Here for your Fall Checklist

Print it out and hang it up next to the fall schedule printables that have the same theme!

There you are! The full fall roundup!

I’m looking forward to the months ahead with a ton of anticipation! My calendar is filling up quickly with fall themed goodness. Hopefully you received a little inspiration and can pencil yourself in some adventures too! I’d love to hear what you have planned! Let me know what you’re doing in the comments! I’m all ears!

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    1. I’m glad you like it! And you *need* one of those mugs! I plan on adding at least two more to my collection from her!

  1. LOVED all your suggestions! Specially the check list! There is always so much I want to do in fall it gets overwhelming… wish it lasted longer 😉

    1. Thank you!!!! That’s high praise because there are a ton out there! It was a blast to put together! Got me all sorts of in the mood for fall! 😉

  2. My favorite season! Lovely warm comfy sweaters, hot tea, coffee or hearty soups abound! I love the items you posted here. The coffee mugs have such fun fall designs!

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