Fall Home & Garden Winter Prep Checklist

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I am such a list maker. But lists work!!!!

At the beginning of each month I like to sit down with with pen &  paper to take note of what needs to happen around our little home. October is a month that gets extra attention. The cold season is usually in full force by mid-October so a lot of the summer stuff needs to be put away and the home & garden have to be winterized. Winters are not for the faint of heart in good ol Eastern Washington. In the summertime we easily hit temps in the low hundreds, but in the winter we can go for a couple weeks and hardly touch above freezing. Talk about all the seasons!

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Travis usually deals with the majority of the winterizing, like sprinkler blow-outs, coiling hoses, etc, while I deal with the garden, chickens, and more inside stuff like changing out regular sheets for flannels and pulling out the warm winter blankets, heaters, and I think you get the idea. 😉

Since I was making my list I thought why not post in here and maybe it will help a few of my lovely friends smoothly transition into fall. Below is a printable checklist to help you navigate winter prep!

Free Fall Printable Winterization home and yard checklist

A big this to insure you have at the ready is a winter preparedness kit for emergencies. I love this post which covers 21 items you need to stock up on. The city we live in is plagued with power outages when storms hit so it’s necessary to be prepared. One of my friends over in Montana already got snow! I hope it waits until mid to late November before we get any white stuff, but anything could happen!

Printable Fall Winterization Checklist

Do you live in an area that gets super cold? What did I not have on the list that you would add and/or usually do? I’d love to hear.

Eryn Whalen

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