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What is it about wanting to make every nook and cranny in the home cozy for fall? The crisp days and chilly nights have me adding warm colors like yellows, creams, and browns to every space possible. As well as texture and dimension. Layers and layers of cozy autumn goodness.

The stairs leading up to my children’s bedrooms are just off the kitchen. I love the life it brings into the home. Me in the kitchen, the sweet voices of my littles upstairs playing, and then bounding down the staircase and out the back door, where they’re off to search for eggs from our feral chickens.

A hallway like that needs to be grand, acknowledged, appreciated. It’s the heart of the home. And thanks to The Home Depot and their fantastic line of decor, my hallway is beyond cozy and is now the focal point of the downstairs. I’m simply in love.

Each time I walk into my kitchen my eyes move to the staircase, and a satisfied sigh leaves my body. Decor can alter how a person feels and can bring calm to crazy. And believe me, in our house, we need that.

From this sad and sterile hallway:

To this warm and happy masterpiece (If I do say so myself)

This post is in partnership with The Home Depot. All opinions are my own.

How do you transform a space from cold to cozy? Here are my simple tips.


Wallpaper is having a moment right now, and I’m here for it. A well placed wall of paper adds grounding. Even more so than paint (and I love my paint), a pattern and texture can completely change the look and feel of a space. It brings a room to life.

I searched for hours, and I mean hours, on The Home Depot website for the perfect pattern to fit our 1930s home. My goal is to bring it back to its former glory and slowly but surely remove the sad attempts at renovations and updating done to it over the years. I think at the end of it, I had over 12 different patterns I loved saved to my favorites section on The Home Depot website. Finally, I picked the one I thought would represent our house best, and my gosh, it’s made all the difference.

The beautiful Painted Rose Trail Vinyl paper went on so smoothly. The pre-pasted back is my favorite way to purchase wallpaper. It’s all in one and easy. An evening after dinner once the kids were tucked into bed, and a few podcast episodes later, it was finished. The painterly look makes it dreamy and calming. The colors complement each other as the roses weave throughout. It’s even prettier in person. And its matte, textured paper gives it that special touch that adds a bit of drama and feels just fancy enough but not over the top.

A wall that needed a table

You can’t just stop at wallpaper. You’ve got to compliment it, make it pop, come alive with some great decor. While adding the wallpaper to my online cart at the Home Depot, I typed in side table, and again, the selection was overwhelming, but in all the best kinds of ways. Shortly I saw the perfect console to complement the space in size and design. And coming in at under $70, it was a deal I couldn’t pass up. The distressed wood look was exactly what I was going for in this space.

The cherry on top? A sculpture.

And not just any sculpture. A horse head. I named him Thaddeus. We’ve already had some heart-to-heart conversations. All jokes aside, (I’m not the only one that talks to inanimate objects am I?) he’s gorgeous, made very well, and came double-wrapped in bubble wrap and snug as a bug in a rug. The antiquing on him is perfect. Basically, everyone needs a Thaddeus. (Especially because the price is hard to believe!)

Don’t be afraid to take on a space

More than anything else, don’t be afraid to try something new and have some fun creating a beautiful space. Wallpaper can be changed, holes in walls patched, and objects and decor moved around. That’s one of the reasons I love The Home Depot so much. They have an astonishing selection of all things home decor. And with great prices, you get to play around to your heart’s content and experiment with anything that’s calling your name. And that my friends, is how you truly curate a space you love.

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