One Room Challenge Week 2 Patio Update


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The One Room Challenge week two has seen a lot more dirt removal, and a few fun purchases!

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Week Two Recap

Honestly we’d like to have done a bit more this week for the One Room Challenge, but the weather didn’t want to cooperate. We’ve had our fair share of rainstorms this spring, and this past week kept with the theme. Thankfully there was one semi-nice day that we were able to get out and make progress.

One Room Challenge week 2

It’s crazy how much the dirt slopped upwards in this garden bed as it got closer to the house. We removed over a foot from the foundation wall.

A few progress photos:

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    One more load of dirt and we should be ready to smooth it out and start the process of laying weed barrier, sand, the stones, and finally finishing up with pea grave.

    I almost forgot, before the flooring goes in for the patio, we’ll be cementing posts in the two corners facing the sidewalk. Those will be used to string lighting from. That should happen this upcoming week!

    Since we couldn’t get as much done outside as we’d have liked this week, I decided we better start making some of the purchases for the furnishings so they are sure to be here in time. Shipping lately seems to be all over the place.

    One Room Challenge Patio Purchases

    Wooden Swing:

    Here’s the plan! I looked far and wide for a swinging wood bench, and they are a hot commodity right now. Apparently everyone is doing home improvements in this time. Finding a wooden swing with an A-frame also jumped the price quite a lot.

    I asked Travis if he was willing to make the whole swing, and it wasn’t his favorite idea, so we compromised. I found this swing on Wayfair, and he’s going to make the A-frame to go with it. This saved us a little over 50% off what most of the complete swing and frame sets go for.

    Water Feature:

    I love the sound of our little waterfall in the backyard, and wanted a small piece of that in the front area. Happy babbling water is soothing and such a comfort thing for me. After searching a few sites I found this ceramic tiered fountain that is very similar to my Instagram Inspiration picture and fits perfectly with our aesthetics!


    So many places have this type of hanging lighting for outdoors, and after pricing it all I found Amazon to be the best. The first 48″ string was $40.99, and if you purchased two, which we did, the second string was only an additional $30. These were the ones we got.

    Additional Patio Chair:

    All the patio chairs I loved were around $500 . . . and that’s above budget for this project. After some research and putting our thinking caps on, Travis said that he would be willing to build the chair. I found cushions at Target, and Travis thinks he can get the wood to construct the chair for around $50. I’ll take a $110 dupe chair over the $500 one any day of the week. Stay tuned for that DIY!

    My purchases so far:

    And that’s the update! Most of the products should be arriving around June 1st and by that time we should be pretty much done with the patio flooring and can start styling it!

    Can’t wait!

    Also, make sure to check out the other One Room Challenge participants here! There is so much talent and it’s a great place to get inspired!

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