10 Easy Ways to be Healthier in 2024

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Welcome to a brand new year on The Homestead Journey podcast. In our first episode of 2024, we’re diving deep into 10 easy ways to foster a healthier lifestyle. We’re exploring practical solutions to create a safer, healthier environment for you and your family.

Maybe you’re already implementing some of these ideas, that’s wonderful! I still hope there’s wisdom for you to glean within this episode and it challenges you to improve in other areas.

If you’re doing none of these and it feels overwhelming to attempt all ten, simply take one or two of the tips and work to implement them first. When you feel confident in your new ways, refer back to this episode and add on until you feel you’ve mastered this list in the way that best first your lifestyle.

Quick reference for podcast listeners:

10 ways to improve your health in 2024.

Tip 1: Ditch the Dryer Sheets and Use Dryer Balls

Laundry day may seem harmless, but traditional dryer sheets often contain harmful chemicals like benzyl acetate and chloroform. These toxins can cling to your clothes, posing health risks. Our skin is our largest organ, let’s keep it free from the additives of dryer sheets.

Instead, opt for eco-friendly dryer balls, reducing static and speeding up drying without the harmful side effects. Add a few drops of essential oils for a natural fragrance without compromising your health. Plus, they’re much more cost effective. I’ve purchased two sets in the last six years, spending under $40 to keep my clothes static free and dry quickly.

Want to level up even more? In the spring and summer, line dry your towels and sheets. Nothing is as amazing as sleeping in fresh line dried sheets. The sun also helps keep white clothes white, eliminating the need for bleach, another chemical we should avoid coming into contact with.

Tip 2: Deodorant

Surprisingly, even something as routine as deodorant can be a health concern. Traditional options often contain aluminum compounds linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Yes, you read that right. Why companies are allowed to market and sell products they know are causing sickness is beyond me. It just goes to show no one cares about or will advocate for our health as much as ourselves.

As frustrating as it may be, we have to be constantly looking at labels and checking products before we put them on our bodies and bring them into our homes. And packaging cane be so darn sneaky. Many things have pretty looking labels that say nice things, but when you flip it over and read the ingredients, it’s the same old crap as many other brands.

Make the switch to natural deodorants, free from harmful ingredients, to keep you fresh without compromising your health.

Tip 3: Ditch Unnecessary Cleaners | Cleaning should enhance, not harm.

Commercial cleaners often hide harmful chemicals like phthalates and ammonia. Consider alternatives such as microfiber cloths, vinegar, baking soda, and my absolute favorite cleaner for over year now, Force Of Nature. This non-toxic solution transforms basic ingredients into a powerful cleaner, avoiding harmful chemicals and promoting a cleaner, healthier home.

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Tip 4: Reduce Artificial Scents in Your Home

Artificial scents may mask unpleasant odors, but they often contain phthalates and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can harm your respiratory system. (Pro top: Anything with the word Glade on it, throw away immediately.)

I love 100% beeswax candles. They have a slightly honey scent that’s so perfect. No headaches using something as simple as beeswax. If I want to toe the line a bit, I’ll use Antique Candle Co Candles in my home. They have wonderful scents, and are made with the cleanest of ingredients. It’s something I’m willing to compromise on a bit in the winter months when candles are simply a must in our home.

Tip 5: Add Fermented Foods to Your Diet

Nourish your gut health with fermented foods like kefir, sourdough, sauerkraut, and kimchi. Rich in probiotics, these foods support digestion and boost your immune system. Including them in your diet is a simple yet effective way to enhance your overall well-being.

If sourdough feels like a lot, start with water or milk kefir. Making sauerkraut is also something that is so simple to make, and lasts in the fridge for up to six months!

Tip 6: Add More Whole Foods, Less Boxed Goods

Nutrition is key, and boxed goods often contain preservatives, artificial colors, and excessive sodium. Opt for whole foods, make your bread, tortillas, and cook ground beef for a nutrient-rich, homemade alternative. This ensures you’re providing your body with essential nutrients without the questionable additives found in boxed alternatives.

Segment 7: Avoid Food Dyes

Food dyes, found in various products, have been linked to health issues such as ADHD and cancer. Choose products with minimal ingredients and no artificial dyes, even if going fully organic is challenging. Prioritizing fewer ingredients and no dyes contributes to a healthier diet for you and your family.

Segment 8: Cleaner Meds

Have you ever checked the ingredients in your medications? Many common medications contain artificial colors and flavors. Consider cleaner alternatives like Genexa, which offers medications without unnecessary additives. Incorporating natural remedies, such as elderberry and honey cough drops, provides a healthier approach to your medicine cabinet.

Segment 9: Water

Staying hydrated is crucial, but not all water is equal. Tap water may contain parasites and pollutants. Invest in a reliable water filtration system like Birkey to ensure access to clean, safe water. Don’t forget to add electrolytes to support optimal hydration and replenish essential salts and minerals.

Segment 10: Source Good Meat

The meat on your table should be a source of nutrition, not mystery. Store-bought meat may lack transparency and could contain undisclosed additives. Knowing your farmer ensures the quality and origin of your meat, providing the best nutrition for your body.


As we wrap up, remember that small changes contribute to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you’re ditching toxic dryer sheets or sourcing meat locally, every step matters. For more in-depth explorations, tune in to The Homestead Journey Podcast, and until next time, happy homesteading!

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