Things to do in Spokane today: Mom day date ideas.

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I love a good mom date. You and another mom friend or two escaping to have a day, or maybe even just a few hours to yourself hanging out and doing something, gasp, child free!

I’m all for a movie every now and again, but I’ll be honest, I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie and didn’t fall asleep. Put me in a dark room on limited sleep and it’s bound to happen. Thus is the life of a mom. I’d rather be doing something. Have an excursion, enjoy a cup of coffee at a coffee shop without children pulling on my sleeve or fear they’ll knock something over in said shop. I’m positive I’m not alone in this. 😉

Maybe you’re not local? Use this list and search your city, mapping out a day date for you and a girlfriend similar to the ones below.

5 moms day-out ideas Spokane WA

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1. Make it your mission to try all the local coffee shops

My friend and I recently decided we would attempt to try all the coffee shops downtown. Now, this may take a while, but it makes for a fun start to any girls date day. Because let’s face it, I need all the added caffeine I can get.

Shops to try:

Atticus Coffee House222 N Howard

5 moms day-out ideas Spokane WA

This place is such a little gem. I walk in and am instantly transported to Seattle, which as we all know is the kingdom of coffee shops. Not only does Atticus serve up amazing lattes with foam art on top if you’re staying for a while, they also have a gift shop that features local art, bulk tea & coffee, books, journals, and more. It’s such a fun spot and I always seem to find unique gifts my local friends and family would appreciate. Right across the street from Riverfront Park, you can take a relaxing stroll over the many bridges and waterfalls that sit in the center of our beautiful city while sipping your coffee and maybe snacking on one of the cookies they sell from our local Boots Bakery. <- Another must visit vegan/gluten free bakery & espresso bar!

More amazing options:

F1rst avenue coffee: West 1st Avenue – One of the newest coffee shops in town!

Indaba coffee: 518 W Riverside – Will be open weekends come October.

These are literally just a few of the many coffee shops in our area. Instagram is a great way to scout out new places to try. Find many of them using the hashtags #spokanecoffee & #spokanecoffeeculture

2. Explore Spokane History

Forever a history buff, I geek out on anything historic. Lucky me, (and you!) Spokane is full of historic activities. I recently toured The Campbell House and it was such a fun experience walking through one of the homes built by the local celebrity architect of the day Kirtland Cutter. He also designed the Rainier Club in the heart of Seattle, the Historic Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, (another great place to tour) and helped on the Monroe Street bridge, among many other projects.

This turn of the century home can be toured Tuesday – Friday, and Sunday, at 12, 1, 2, & 3, and is shown in an open house format every Saturday from 12-4. Adults are $10, Children 6-17 are $5, youth 5 and under are free.

5 moms day-out ideas Spokane WA

Take a stroll through this house, (about 45 minutes long) then head out on a walk around Browns Addition to see other beautiful homes such as the Patsy Clark Mansion, (another Kirtland Cutter masterpiece) and the Roberts Mansion. Enjoy the tree lined shaded streets and end up at the Elk Public house (1931 W Pacific) for a late lunch!

Already toured Browns?

How about checking out Bing Crosby’s original home built by his father and uncles in 1911? Free to the public weekdays 9 – 4:30 and Saturdays 1-4. Find it at 508 E. Sharp Ave. See not only the house but the Bing Crosby Collection, which contains more than 200 items including gold records, trophies, awards, and an official Academy Award given for his performance in Going My Way (1944).

3. Take a hike

Who doesn’t love to explore nature? If you’ve been there and done that in Riverfront Park enough times, (is that possible?) then it’s time to branch out and try some of the fun hikes located throughout Spokane!

Iller Creek Trail: 9001 E Holman Rd

5 moms day-out ideas Spokane WA, iller creek conservation area, dishpan hills conservation area

Travis and I did this one late spring and it’s hands down one of my favorites. Lush and green with a little creek that appears throughout the hike and a view at the end you can’t beat!

Other notable hikes to attempt with a friend are Turnbull wildlife refuge, Indian Canyon Mystic Falls Park, and Bowl & Pitcher in Riverside State Park which is always a solid classic.

4. Green Bluff

I feel like a lot of what I’m sharing is common knowledge, but here’s the deal, depending on the season and day there are so many different things to do in places like Green bluff. In spring it’s the Cherry Pickers Trot, in fall it’s pumpkins and harvest festivals at each little farm. The idea is to try new places. Green bluff is home to over 33+ venues and growers. Each has their own special gift shops, festivities, and goodies to eat. You never know when you’ll come across a new favorite. Chandler from Spokane Eats just did a great article showcasing some Green bluff venues

5. Take a shopping stroll

There are so many cute little areas throughout Spokane with fun vintage stores you could lose yourself for hours in.

Gah, I could spend all day looking through old treasures and finding original pieces for my house. Plus, this makes a perfect moms date because 1. kids break things in vintage shops, and 2. it’s always better to hunt for treasures with friends. Divide and concur.

Two of the best vintage “strips” around town are:

Monroe street starting at The Boulevard Mercantile located at 1905 N Monroe. From there you’ll wander north where you can stop at the Bellwether Brewery Co for a drink if you like. Hey, I won’t judge! From there you’ll keep heading north until you hit 1889 Salvage Co, and after checking that out there’s also Blossoms antiques and gifts, Tossed and Found, if at that point the beer has worn off and you need coffee go ahead and stop at Vessel Coffee Roasters and grab a cup. Hey, you’re kid free. Do it up! 😉 From there you can hit up Almost Antiques and a few more shops! Phew! Okay, moving on to Market street!

We’ll start our vintage search on Market at Chic and Shab at 4801 N Market. From there you’ll go north again and run into Market Street Antiques, O’Brien used furniture, B&B Junk, Spokane antiques and collectables, Dr. D’s treasures, Wolf Den Thrift Store, Days Gone By, United Hillyard antique mall, and several more unique spots.

What better way to spend some time with a girlfriend than drinking coffee, shopping, hiking, digging for treasures or finding your favorite spot on the bluff. What’s you favorite thing to do in Spokane? Drop it in the comments so I can check it out and share!


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5 moms day-out ideas Spokane WA

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  1. I love the idea of this…I’m always a fan of being a tourist in our local towns and cities, but hadn’t thought of the angle of a mom’s day out date. I’ll have to do a roundup for Minneapolis!

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