Farmhouse Faucet and Sink Setup For Your Kitchen

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I’m in love friends. Absolutely in love. The Farmhouse faucet is the perfect facelift to my kitchen until we can do our full remodel. I’m a big proponent of doing what you can until you have the ability or finances to do what you want. Finding a good intermedium is key to enjoying any space and not hating it for years until you are able to remodel.

This farmhouse faucet works perfectly on your current, or farmhouse sink. Plus, add these accessories to make your kitchen farmhouse cozy. #farmhousesink #farmhousefaucet #faucet

Not only was our old silver plain Jan faucet boring and ugly, but it leaked. It was actually broken for a year until we replaced it. Finally, after the handle kept falling off, we decided it was time to upgrade to the farmhouse faucet.

Can you imagine this faucet on a farmhouse sink someday? Though it is intended for a farmhouse sink, it still works on our current setup wonderfully!

The facet is heavy and made well. It also has a high water output, which I love. This makes filling up the sink, glasses, and cups a quick task. It also comes in a variety of colors. We went with black.

The great thing about this faucet is the price. Under $200, it’s hard to find a faucet this pretty and well made at that price point. I originally ordered a facet that looked similar but was over $200 more. When a friend learned I had purchased it, she told me about her horrible experience with its low quality and leaks. After reading more reviews, I realized it was a problem many were having with the same faucet. I promptly returned it and went out in search for another, and found our current set up.

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Since we aren’t remodeling our kitchen fully until next year, I wanted to add some accessories and items that made the area feel more farmhouse in addition to the faucet. And it worked. Not only are these items pretty and give off a heavy farmhouse feel, they are also quality pieces that have upped my kitchen user experience. They make cooking and cleaning prettier, easier, and much more efficient.

Dish drain

This dish drain is just so good. Can a drainer be beautiful? Why yes, yes it can. And this one is a 10 out of 10. Wood items bring warmth and dimension to a kitchen and since mine is white and black, I need quite a few items to counter how cold it can sometimes feel.

Amazon Finds: This farmhouse faucet works perfectly on your current, or farmhouse sink. Plus, add these accessories to make your kitchen farmhouse cozy. #farmhousesink #farmhousefaucet #faucet

This helps keep the kitchen looking clean and fresh.

And since we’re talking about aesthetics in the kitchen this set of five wooden Spurtles is beautiful and functional.

A spurtle is a wooden Scottish kitchen tool, dating from the 15th century. The rod-like shape means that it can stir without congealing and forming lumps in soups, stews and broths, unlike a spoon, which would have a dragging effect during stirring. I use them for all my cooking, even scrambling eggs.

If you want to learn how to season and cook with cast iron (my favorite tool in the kitchen) check out this post where I share all about it.

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Besides wood, I also love adding little pops of gold. It brings a level of class and romanticism to an area. A little whimsy.

I bought these gold coffee spoons a few months back and, sigh, they’re just so pretty. They elevate the coffee experience and look stunning sitting on your counter. Life is an experience and even the small things matter. You stir your coffee daily, make it fun.

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For cleaning dishes, I also recommend these bamboo dish scrubbers. They come in a pack of three and have a small ceramic dish to set them on. It’s gentle on dishes, but still has lots of scrubbing power. Great for getting into the spaces between fork prongs, as well as whisks and other items with hard-to-reach areas.

This farmhouse faucet works perfectly on your current, or farmhouse sink. Plus, add these accessories to make your kitchen farmhouse cozy. #farmhousesink #farmhousefaucet #faucet

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This farmhouse faucet works perfectly on your current, or farmhouse sink. Plus, add these accessories to make your kitchen farmhouse cozy. #farmhousesink #farmhousefaucet #faucet

Dish towels are items that are always out on the counter, draping over the oven or fridge handle. They’re everywhere, so they need to be functional and cute. These farmhouse towels are both, and also affordable. A set of 12 at this price is almost impossible to find. I also love the little hook they each have on them for easy hanging.

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Soaps and such

For the best prices on good, high-quality soaps and cleaning items, I use GROVE Collaborative. They have a great monthly subscription that can be modified and changed or skipped as needed/wanted. They have all the best Mrs. Meyers soaps I can never seem to find in stores, seasonal ones and ones only available to Grove. Anything I can streamline and make easier for myself I’m going to do. And GROVE has helped with that tremendously. They also have a lot of fun freebies to new subscribers and great sales throughout the month. Check them out if you’re interested.

Lastly, let’s keep it smelling fresh

There’s just something about a candle flickering close by that soothes and relaxes me. My favorite candles are Anqitue Candle Co, and they have amazing seasonal scents. Chrismas Day is one I burn pretty much from the day after Halloween through January 1st. It’s perfect, and the sizes available fit nicely into any room of your home. Made very clean, these don’t give me the headaches cheap, store-bought candles do. My house and kitchen aren’t complete without Antique Candles all over. I also love that the holders are reusable.

Together it’s perfection

This combo of faucet, kitchen utilizes, soaps, rags, and candles has made my kitchen cozy and inviting. I enjoy stepping into it and creating hearty foods, snacks, and delicious desserts for my family. We all spend so much time in the kitchen, it should be equipped and ready to assist you in all duties within its four walls.

I hope this helps and gives you ideas, even if it’s not the ones I mentioned, to take your space and personalize it to your liking.

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