Quality Faux Eucalyptus Garland and Juniper Lights

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To me, garland at Christmas time is almost as important and the Christmas tree itself. The greenery around the fireplace, along the stair banisters, and around the door frames add such a soft beauty to our homes during December. It’s my favorite. And what’s also my favorite and getting more popular every year? That would be Eucalyptus garland.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve always loved real garland. It smells so fresh and green and like Christmas. But friends, if I’m being truly honest I’ve got to admit I’m not loving the clean up from these garlands. I blame age and the obligations of running a home, but the additional cleaning that real garlands add to my daily tasks has me cringing inwardly each time I walk past the dirty floors I just swept up. This holds true for eucalyptus garland or regular. They both dry and die.

Eucalyptus garland is timless, elegant, and stunning. Even more so at Christmas time. Eucalyptus is the perfect addition to your decor.

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This is why I’ve decided to slowly begin adding more faux garland into my Christmas decor. Not only does this cut down on the mess significantly, but it also allows me to decorate earlier than when I use real garland. I’m one of those crazies that start putting up decor before Thanksgiving. It fills my heart, plain and simple.

Finding quality garland

Not all faux garlands are created equal. I’ve purchased some in the past that shed as much as the real stuff! Another thing I’ve discovered as I’ve aged . . . some items are worth splurging on a bit. Especially if they’re timeless. In the end it saves you money. Believe me, I’ve tested out this theory in many different ways over the years.

That’s why I was so excited about this 6′ eucalyptus garland from Lights.com! I’m talking giddy excited! It’s absolutely full, fluffy, and simply beautiful.

And I know what you’re thinking: Garland from a lighting company? Yes friends!!! These are quality, pre-lit eucalyptus garlands and they are stunning to behold. It only makes sense that a company that makes quality lighting would branch out to include pre-lit Christmas decor. And they have a whole eucalyptus collection you’ve got to see to believe.

Eucalyptus garland is timless, elegant, and stunning. Even more so at Christmas time. Eucalyptus is the perfect addition to your decor.

The fairy lights that come in the garland are like tiny crystals. Because the lights are faceted, which means each light has many sides to it, it allows the light to shine multidimensional, every which way!

Fun fact, I use to work at a diamond and fine jewelry store for five plus years, so I know a little about sparkle. This was genius of them and a great attention to detail.

And you know how some faux garlands look great with the leaves turned up, but if you get a leaf turned the wrong way the color on the back is starkly different that the front? Well that also doesn’t happen with the eucalyptus collection from Lights.com. No matter what direction you’re looking, the garland is perfect.

Another bonus is it’s not just usable at Christmas. Weave some pink ranunculus into it for a springtime tablescape. Drape it over a mirror with with some simple white flowers for a shower or party. Truly the options are limitless with this garland and whole collection.

Juniper glass tree trio

I saw these juniper trees when ordering the garland and couldn’t pass them up. I’m a sucker for mini trees. I have a whole blog post on how I’ve DIYed them over the years.

These Juniper Glass Trees are my new favorites. They have such a soft, elegant glow and I love sitting in my living room in the early mornings when everyone is asleep, drinking my coffee and staring at my real Christmas tree and these beauties. There’s something about a warm golden light that is so soothing and restorative.

Juniper glass tree set that you have to see in person to believe. It's stunningly beautiful and my newest favorite addition to our Christmas decor.

I ordered mine in the Champagne color but they also come in silver.

I’m so glad to have found Lights.com and all the beautiful pieces they offer for your home, seasonal or not. I have my eye on a few of their vanity lights for our upcoming bathroom project! So many to choose from!

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