Last Minute Kids Gifts From Amazon Age Range 4-9


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We’re headed towards the finish line of Christmas. Most of us have the majority of our gifts purchased at this point, or maybe just need a few more items to round out the gift selection. If so, I’ve got you covered! These are a few of the kids gifts from Amazon that I purchased for my daughter who is 5, and my son who is 7.

A few of these items I’ve seen other bloggers and moms talk about, and a few are because my kids have shown interest in something. For example, Tyrion is all about quarters right. He loved to see what state they’re from. So, a quarter collection book seemed perfect for him. He’s also been eyeing the ukuleles every time we go into the music store for his piano lesson. I made sure to grab some felt picks to go with it and put them in his stocking.

I’m also getting both kids cameras. They consider themselves budding photographers and these ones got amazing reviews and seem very durable.

A few of the items I also got for nostalgia sake and the fact that I loved them as a kid, so my kids probably will too. I mean, Lite-Brites? Talk about a flash back. And marbles . . . I had hundreds as a child. My sister and I would trade with our friends and it was so much fun.

Fun, learning and creative gifts for young children ages 4 - 9 from Amazon.
  1. Connectrix Junior Memory Matching Game 2. iJoy Rechargeable Wireless Headphones 3. OMWay Kids Camera 4. Connect the dots 5. My Quarter Collection 6. Lite-Brite Classic 7. Diamond Head Ukulele 8. Neato! Classics 160 Marbles 9. ThinkFun Gravity Maze

I hope this list gives you some great last minute gift ideas! Make sure you’re following along in real time on Instagram where I share my gift ideas and Christmas fun in real time!

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