A June Walk In The Garden

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The gardens have changed so much since May. I love to take early morning or late evening walks throughout them with my camera in hand, capturing as much as I can through my lease. Documenting the difference between months. And my goodness, the June garden has exploded.

No matter how many photos I snap, I still can’t seem to do the garden justice. But, since I can’t share a walk with each of you in my garden, this will have to do!

Meet Me In The Garden

Everything has burst to life in the past several weeks. What were tiny sprouts pressing their way out of the clay soil have burst into green rustling leaves, and big beautiful flowers and produce. From tiny seeds, an overflowing garden is born.

I am continually in awe of the incredible potential of life that is encapsulated within each tiny little seed.

If you’ve been on this journey with me for a while now, you’ll know this is our second year at our farm and even though we made experimental gardens last year, this year was the first we put up the raised beds, fencing, and structures that make up our two gardens.

See the post on how we created our gardens here.

We have the cottage kitchen garden that’s 10 steps from our front door. It has a variety of herbs and flowers in it. Herbs I can easily grab to add to our dishes and flowers to adorn our tables.

A bit farther away is our canning garden. The one that houses the bulk of the produce we’ll be putting away for the winter.

Within weeks I’ll be harvesting so many tomatoes it will make my head spin. But I’m ready, and anxious to get it started.

For now, I’ve been canning green beans as they come on. Adding to my supply for soups and stews all winter long.

The June garden is edging upward, towards the peak production that will happen in July, before it starts heading down the other side in August when production begins to taper off and we start thinking of fall gardening.

To walk in the garden is to experience a bit of magic each time. Something I look forward to when I wake up each day.

Although the work is never ceasing and the weeds are constantly a battle, I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

a cottage garden in June

We still have so much we want to do with the gardens, and expanding them.

But for now . . . for now I’m simply enjoying all the hard work and effort we’ve put in this past spring.

If you knock on my door and no one answers, chances are, you’ll find me in the garden.

a June cottage garden
jalapeños in a garden in June

Until next time, xoxo Eryn

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