A Very Vintage Christmas Tree

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I love to play around with different decor styles. More and more I find myself being drawn to a vintage, old world style. That also includes my Christmas decor, with my very vintage Christmas tree. Recently, I was informed that this style of decor is called primitive, a term I’d never heard of before in the decorating world.

Around Christmas, it’s a great time to really lean into and play with new-to-you decor styles you’ve wanted to experiment with. Seasonal decor is not permanent, and it allows you to be really creative if you want. What a great opportunity without a huge commitment.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

A Primitive, Vintage Christmas Tree | Setting the scene

I know this post is about tree, but I have to take a moment and acknowledge these baskets. They were already there by the back door for when I’d grab the laundry off the line, and also to harvest larger items from the garden in the bottom basket. I was going to move them, but after I set the Christmas tree there they looked so great next to it, and something I feel I’d find in a home from the early 1900’s.

Last year I also played around with a different style of vintage Christmas tree, I called it my romantic vintage tree. I dried about four dozen roses and used them, along with dried citrus, and baby’s breath for this stunning tree. To find out how to dry citrus, make sure to check out this post. It’s a great addition to wreaths, garland, trees, and much more!

vintage Christmas tree

This year, I opted for a little less work. With our recent move, I didn’t have a ton of time to put into our Christmas decor this year.

This tree was definitely easier, and quicker to put together, but still gives off a great vintage look. I ordered the candle lights, which are battery and remote operated, the star, and the vintage Santa ornaments, all off Amazon. You can see my Christmas Amazon shop here.

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Christmas tree with baskets hanging on the wall and script above it that says Very Vintage Christmas Tree

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