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We all want the holidays to be fun and stress free. Filled with traditions and great memories. So often though, they are filled instead with anxiety and hustle, the children seemingly the only ones who have a really great time. Not only is that sad, it shouldn’t be that way! Holidays can be a enjoyable time for everyone, us moms included! I’ve found that planning ahead and writing down a timeline helps significantly to avoid last minute shopping trips and frantic prep in the eleventh hour. Today I thought I’d share some simple ways to keep the Easter fun while accomplishing everything you need to leading up to the big day. All in a colorful FREE printable!

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Tell me I’m not the only one addicted to printables?

I freaking LOVE them! I have binders all over my home filled with different themes. Christmas prep, blog planning, recipe printables, and more! You name it, I have a binder somewhere all about it! But it keeps me organized and sane so I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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Easter is always a fun one for us, and although it may be considered one of the smaller holidays compared to, say Christmas or Thanksgiving, it’s still important and requires quite a bit of time and energy to put everything together, especially if you have a lot of family over and a larger egg hunt.

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I usually start about a month out with planning, making sure we have our Easter outfits and scheduling spring photos. Usually one of our local kids photographers has a spring special with real bunnies and the pics are so fun. The kids loved it!

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Easter is like springs official kick-off! It’s a fresh start after a very snowy cold winter.

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Click below for your:

 Easter Planning Printable FREE

I hope this printable helps you stay organized and makes Easter more enjoyable for you and your family. Let me know what you think! 

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