The Suburban Homestead Family

The Suburban Homesteaders are on a path to find that perfect balance between the rural and urban lifestyle. Our aim is to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still staying connected to modern amenities. Our focus is centered on creating a cozy haven for our family, blending recreational spaces with a touch of agriculture.

Here are the key features that define our suburban homesteading dream:

Land Size: Our idea homestead goals will likely be about 1 to 3 acres of land – enough space for a sizable yard, a small garden, and room for potential expansion down the road.

Agriculture: While we’re not aspiring to run a full-fledged farm, our plans include starting with a few chickens. We value simplicity, leaving the option open to add more agricultural elements in the future.

Outdoor Recreation: Tired of the limited yard space in the city, we crave a spacious outdoor area. Picture a place with a tree or two for hanging swings, ample space for outdoor games, and a haven where our kids can entertain themselves for hours.

Proximity to City Life: We’re looking for a location close enough to the city to easily access amenities, yet distant enough to savor the tranquility of a quieter lifestyle.

Security and Privacy: Fed up with neighborhood crime and city woes, we seek a property where we can feel at ease. A place where our children can roam freely. It’s about finding that perfect blend of security and privacy for our suburban homestead.

Want even more information? This is just the beginning! 

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