Meet Eryn

I’m Eryn, the girl behind Eryn Whalen Online. I’m just a mom who loves coffee, dessert, and creating beautiful things. With my husbands help, we’re turning our builder grade house into a home, one room and renovation at a time.

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I’ve lived in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest all my life, and right now reside in Spokane Washington, at the base of the rolling farmlands of Green Bluff.

We just love it here.

My husband and I, our two precious kids, Saint Bernard Bruno, four cats, and 12 chickens (say that five times fast!) moved two years ago from a tiny house in the heart of the city, to our cozy home on half an acre where we pretend to be farmers until one day building our forever home on acreage.

I’m a creator at heart. Some call me multi-passionate, because I love to do all the things. This is where I get to share my journey. From recipe development, to designing the perfect birthday party, to painting a wall and transforming a room, to the mess ups and fails, I document them here.

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  • I run, but I’m not what you would consider a typical runner. I’ve completed over six half marathons and one full. Read more about my running journey here.
  • Up until I had kids I baked wedding cakes as a side gig. Cakes are still a fun hobby of mine and I bake them a lot for family and friends. One of my favorites to date is the Valentine’s cake from a few years back.
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  • I’ve always loved to write. When I was 12 I started a magazine called Genuine and sent it out quarterly. I had about 40 subscribers from all over the U.S.
  • I love gardening and canning. Each year I try to make my garden better than the last and enjoy experimenting with different crops. One of my favorite canning recipes is the salsa passed down from my mom.
  • I love sharing my passions with my sweet chatty Evelyn and shy boy Tyrion. They are great helpers and always up for a new adventure. They are my life, and everything I do, I try to do with them.


Thank you for visiting my little space on the internet. I hope you get inspired throughout these pages. And share with me what you’re creating over on Instagram. It’s my favorite place to interact with you!

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