Workout In Spokane WA

Looking to Workout In Spokane WA? Well aren’t you lucky to find this page!

Workout In Spokane WA

As I try different workouts throughout the city I make sure to share if I love them or not over on my IG, and post the facilities I love most here! These places have made me feel at home, are kind, and provide kick ass sweat sessions! And guys, I don’t get paid a cent to talk about any of these amazing facilities. I recommend them because I love them. Period.

Workout In Spokane WA:

CrossFit Spokane

Workout In Spokane WA

If you’re a crossfitter and in Spokane on a trip, or live here and just want to try it out I can’t recommend Crossfit Spokane highly enough. Make sure to tell Mike “Eryn Whalen sent me!” I’ve learned a ton from him and his staff. Seriously, they feel like family at this point. My fitness and understanding of health has improved significantly since starting my Crossfit journey. They cover nutrition, do weigh-ins if you want, and are there to help you grow and offer support, while also kicking your little booty every time you walk through their door. Want to have a single workout while in town? Click here. Want to try the beginner series? Click here. Want a free intro session? Click here! Also, follow them on Instagram.

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The Union Studio

I love spin!!!!!! And yoga, and TRX! Just my (and your) luck, The Union Studios do all three, and they do them well! I first found The Union on Instagram and was instantly excited to see Spokane was stepping up in the workout department. Your first spin class is always free so I went with a friend, excited and nervous, hoping it lived up to my expectations. Not only did it live up, it totally surpassed them! Think of their spin classes like motivational speeches while you burn a crazy amount of calories but it feels like your clubbing in the safest, funnest black lit club you can find. I’m telling you, if you haven’t been to a Spin class at the Union, you haven’t lived. Some of my favorite instructors: Chelsea Averna & Rachel Rowley.

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Spokane Barre

I attended a fun little event that my friend invited me to, put on by Craft Studio’s, that included a Barre class ran by one of my favorite spin instructors, Chelsey Averna. (That’s right, she teaches at Spokane Barre, The Union, and also works at Lululemon downtown if you need some workout apparel!) Anywho. . . it was a blast and I talked to their social media lady Cori and we’re going to get together sometime this spring to do a more in depth post all about Barre and the benefits! Follow them on Instagram!

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