Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Ya’ll, I LOVE Valentine’s Day with a passion, but that doesn’t mean I spend a ton on this holiday. The Valentine’s Day Gift budget in our home is relatively small. Christmas and Birthdays are for going big. Valentines is more a simple and sweet showing of appreciation by making the recipient feel extra special. Plus, give me ALL the shades of pink right now! #feelingthatspringvibes

Valentine's Day gift guide for all. Kids, Galentines, and gifts for him.

I’ll be picking about two items from the lists below for each of my family members. My favorite part of it all is sneaking downstairs before everyone wakes up the morning of to set out their Valentine’s Day Gift baggies in a decorative way. Usually with balloons and confetti surrounding them because my kids go CRAZY for balloons. Are they the only ones? They ask for one every. single. time. we go to the store. Anyhow . . .

Valentine’s Day Gift Decorations:

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Valentine’s Day Gift ideas: FOR Her

These can be hints for your hubby, gifts for a sister, or galentine. Honestly, these are all things I either want, or already have.

Lounge Pants: I’ve been eyeing these pants on Amazon for far too long and finally pulled the trigger and purchased them! Happy Valentine’s Day to me. 😉 I’ll make sure to update this post with my thoughts, and I’ll also share them on Instagram stores where I cover lots of products I love and use. XOXO Sweatshirt: I’m in love with the dark pink of this sweatshirt and like how it can be worn well after February 14th. Zara sneakers: These shoes scream spring to me. The lace design is beautifully feminine. They’ll transition well from spring to summer. Tassel earrings: Have you jumped on the tassel train yet? I love the price and color range in this set. It can literally go with anything you’re wearing. Wedge shoes: I have seen so many fashion bloggers shout the praises of these Payless shoes! lol! And just like the earrings, they’d go with about everything.

Love at first scent: This set of essential oils is my favorite at the moment. I’ve been diffusing it constantly since mid January and can’t get enough of the floral notes. It smells like love and spring combined, but not in an overpowering way. MilkPro: My friend got this for Christmas and her coffee pics on IG were too amazing not to jump on board and grab this gadget myself. OMGoodnessl this little contraption is so cool! Talk about froth on my coffee, all without leaving the comfort of my kitchen or my lounge pants. Sanders caramels: Such a random story, but Christmas time two years ago I was shopping at Costco and person in front of me had this exact package of Sanders on the check-out belt. Nether of us noticed when it fell over the divider and ended up in my stash. I got home before realizing what happened. I shrugged my shoulders and just figured God thought I needed to buy them more than the person in front of me! One bite and I was forever hooked. If I’m feeling extra special on shopping day I’ll still grab them off the shelf. They are SO. DARN. GOOD. Yeti rambler: My sister got one of these for herself over Christmas in this Tiffany blue and she loves the darn thing. Portable makeup bag: I hate packing my makeup for trips. Using everything out of my old storage bag was hard because I couldn’t see what’s what when it’s all piled on top of each other. This is a much simpler option. And I’m all about simplifying. Cosmetic storage container: Is it just me that would love something like this for Valentines? I’m as much practical as I’m also extra, if you can be both! 😉 My always growing makeup collection is getting larger than my current storage area, so it’s time to make a change. I’ve heard raving reviews about this container.

Valentine’s Day Gift ideas: For Him

Ladies, if we’re being real here, we already know what men really want as a Valentine’s Day Gift. I’m just sayin. . . 😉 That makes everything else pretty much a bonus in their eyes.

Yeti rambler: My husband got this as a gift a few months ago and it instantly became his new favorite to-go mug. He said he’s never had any cup keep his coffee hot as long as this one. We are true Yeti believers. Portable espresso machine: I saw this the other day and thought it was so cool! Especially if you travel a lot. Leather toiletry bag: Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop because I like how you can personalize so many things. Plus you get to support real people working hard at creating high quality products. This bag is something my husband would absolutely love. Beard kit: Growing a quality beard is serious business. (And guys make fun of ladies for worrying about our eyebrows, all while they’re “shaping” their beards just right.) Yes, I’m calling my husband out. 😉

Capital Gains: Gosh I love Chip and Joanna. It seems everything they touch turns to gold. This book is no different. I love how he says “Smart things I learned doing stupid stuff”. I think everyone should read it! Echo dot: We love our echo dot. You don’t realize until you have one just how much it can help you do. And again, I say anything to make life more simplistic is best. It’s great to ask weather questions too before heading out the door and get a recap on the current news, among so many other things. Smart Plug: My husband truly geeks out over things like this. His goal in life is to make our house a “smart home”, whatever that truly means! City map wine glass: I hope Travis isn’t reading this, because I snagged one of these for part of his Valentine’s Day gift this year. We have such a heart for Seattle so I got one with a map of the city. Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he opens it!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: For kids

These are all things that my kids would go nuts over. From the Don’t laugh challenge, to the cute heart glasses that Evelyn would love, to the bingo game and coloring books. How fun! Who else had almost every Berenstain Bears’ book growing up, and still smiles whenever they read one? My kids are in a huge stamping phase, so the Mellisa and Doug kit is the perfect gift. Also, I added the kids Alexa because at the time of writing this, they’re buy one get one free. My kids abuse my Alexa with so many questions. They also recently learned she can make farting noises. I’d rather they do that in the comfort of their own rooms out of earshot from my office.

I hope this ideas inspire you to have a fun little Valentines morning filled with lots of love and a few happy gifts for everyone. Let me know if you purchase some and how you like them by shooting me a message over on my favorite social platform, Instagram!

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