My top 5 favorite blogs. From DIY, running, to home decor & more.


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I began reading blogs when they first started up in the late 1990’s. Dating myself? Probably. Still, blogs have been my go-to for DIY, running, recipes, home decor, and honestly to feel part of a community of women doing life similar to myself. Though I have many favorite blogs I frequent often, today I thought I’d highlight my top 5. (at the moment 😉 )

My top 5 favorite blogs

My top 5 favorite blogs. From DIY, running, to home decor & more.

A beautiful mess

This blog is simply stunningly! Sisters Elise & Emma have worked tirelessly to make their little spot on the internet not only aesthetically pleasing, (seriously, it’s one beautiful place to be) but also informative on all things DIY and lifestyle. Clicking to their site instantly makes me happy and relaxed. Plus, I get filled to the brim with ideas!

My top 5 favorite blogs, and why they make the cut


Jenna Kutcher Blog

Jenna is the bomb. I only found her a few months ago but already she’s one of the people I stock on IG and who’s blog I visit frequently. She’s all over being a female entrepreneur and shares her tips sprinkled with a lot of encouragement along the way. If you have a brick and mortar store, blog, or both, Jenna is going to help and encourage you along the way.

Cotton Stem

Erin is my home decor go-to lady. I love following her IG feed, she is so creative it’s overwhelming at times! Mom to four of the cutest little girls, she’s down to earth and real, while still letting her creative juices flow. Erin is literally doing it all and I find her so inspirational.

Peanut Butter Fingers

I have loved watching Julie’s blog grow over the years. I remember back when she was posting three times a day, all about her daily eats and workouts. Her blog was one I would refresh hourly at work waiting for the next post. I was fascinated by someone who was making her little blog into a career. Unlike other blogs that didn’t evolved with the times and stalled out, Julie has a thriving, stable platform that she now uses to influence followers and provide income for her family.

My top 5 favorite blogs, and why they make the cut

Run, Eat, Repeat

Monica is my running spirit animal.

I was reading Run, Eat, Repeat before I was even a runner, probably stocking her for a good 9 to 10 years now. Wow, how is that even possible?!? I loved following her Cali running journey. It’s always so darn nice where she lives! I envy her parents avocado tree which she steals those green gems from constantly. #sojelly

Pathetic fact: When I was running on our vaca in Palm Springs back in 2015 I was totally thinking, “Hey, Monica has ran here. It’s almost like we’re friends, running the same place.” I’m not a stocker. Cross my heart!

Favorite blogs

Like I said above, these are only a tiny few of the blogs I visit weekly, but they are part of the core crew! These ladies inspire me with their consistency in blogging, their driving force that’s continually moving them forward to be better at their chosen trades, and how they don’t play the game any other way than being authentically themselves.

What blogs do you read? Would I enjoy them? Drop their URLs below and I’ll check them out!

Eryn Whalen, My top 5 favorite blogs, and why they make the cut

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