The Problem With Starting Tomorrow

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I need to talk about a big problem holding many people back from their dreams and accomplishing the goals they desperately want. It’s called “starting tomorrow”, and it’s no small issue.

At the root of this “starting tomorrow” issue is fear. We have huge goals and dreams, but its freaking scary to think about the WORK that goes into making them reality. We dream big, and then say maybe tomorrow I’ll start . . . and guess what? It never happens. And that’s a terribly sad waste.

Why are we so afraid?

I was able to tune into a special call the other day from the author of Eat Pray Loves’ Elizabeth Gilbert, and something she said struck a cord, “Anytime I ask fear if it has a better option, it’s answer is always no.” Fear is always going to hold us back from dreaming big and pushing limits, because it’s fears job to keep us safe. Attempting something new, something we really desire but haven’t yet obtained, well there can be a lot of failure involved. So fear advises to stay the same, because it’s known, it’s safe.

But is it?

“What’s uncomfortable now will be comfortable later, and what’s comfortable now will be uncomfortable later” – Jeff Olson

What we are doing daily now may seem comfortable and safe, but in 10, 20 years is it still going to be?  Let’s put it in a weight loss prospective.

Say you need to lose 30 pounds and you really want to, but the work required convinces you to give up after a couple weeks. You stay in this body you’re frustrated with, because drinks with the girls every Friday night and the late night chocolate that’s calling your name are so good, and after all, you can always start next week.

Except 5, 10, 20 years go by and now you are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease (heart and stroke), type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and even some cancers! Talk about being uncomfortable later. Not to mention living life for how many years in a body you’re frustrated with daily? Why!? When instead you could decide to make changes now, and be uncomfortable in the moment learning something new and BETTER for you, so tomorrow and every day after you can live the life you’ve always wanted, in a body you’re proud of.

Or maybe you dream of starting a business because the work you do day-in and day-out isn’t stimulating. It was always suppose to be the “in-between” job, but years have passed and you’re still there.  Maybe you stay because the money is okay and trying something knew at this point is such a big risk. So you sit on the idea and go to the job you dislike, saying maybe next year I’ll try something different. But will you?

Taking Action

When you look at those whom you admire, did they take risks? Or did they say maybe tomorrow? Chances are they were part of the risk-takers, because those are the ones willing to fail-forward until they succeed.

My Failing-Forward

I had always wanted to do something big, to make an impact and change lives. But when rubber met the road my fear took precedence over the desire to change and I took small time jobs and didn’t preform to the standards I knew I could. Because what if something “I knew” I could do didn’t work out? What if I wasn’t intelligent enough, or pretty enough, or quick on my feet like they wanted. Then what “I knew” I was would be shown as false and a lie, and I’d have to hang my head in shame and retreat. Fear forced me to stand still, and I gave up without ever trying. How I wish the me now could go back in time and give the young Eryn a pep-talk,  wonder where I would be!

But it’s okay because I love my life, and I finally did take the leap! I’ve failed forward A LOT these past two years. But it has been failing FORWARD. I’m making headway in my dreams and achieving things I once wondered were possible. I’ve learned SO MUCH about myself, heath, nutrition, fitness, and business these past two years and I wouldn’t take any of it back! I cried, doubted, and felt in over my head, but I’d given up on myself so many times before it WASN’T going to happen again. After each failure I dusted myself off, lifted my chin and moved on. The friends I’ve made, lives I’ve impacted, people I’ve seen healthier because of my willingness to take a leap of faith, that’s amazing. And worth every failure and wrong turn I took. I feel alive, and am excited about the change I’m affecting, and it’s the best feeling ever

How to Quit Starting Tomorrow?

One word: Action! Take action toward your dreams and goals. Research, find out what’s involved. Talk to those who are knowledgeable in the area. Fitness? Find someone to help you. Take part in my upcoming challenge group here.  Want to start a business, run a marathon, or work on your finances? Seek help from someone who knows all about it. Chances are they’d love to share their knowledge. Or invest in a course or program to help!

“The fact is every week counts! Every day counts! Every moment counts! We need to be conscious of the reality that execution happens daily and weekly, not monthly or quarterly.” – Brian Morgan, The 12 Week Year


Pick up an old fashioned book and get busy! There is SO MUCH info out there, in books, online, podcasts, so find something specific to your goals and learn!

Two of the best books I can recommend for overcoming fear and making a solid workable plan is “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson and “The 12 Week Year” by Brian Moran. You’ll be close to unstoppable if you read these and then take ACTION!

Today, right now, let’s help put a stop to “starting tomorrow” by believe in ourselves and our abilities. Let’s be okay with being a beginner, with not knowing everything, and being willing to start at ground zero. Let’s put some faith in God and the process and get to work, because no-one can make tomorrow different without first starting today.

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