Spring Cleaning Tips With Casabella

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Maybe I’m weird, but I love spring cleaning. There’s just something special about what I like to call “Putting the house to bed” for the spring and summer. Now hear me out before you roll your eyes! Our homes need loved on after all the holiday craziness and putting up with us inside them for almost 24/7 throughout the winter months. The four walls of our homes become dirty, and I’m talking literally here. Like, our four walls have handprints and dog drool all over them. It’s gross. From the ceilings down to the floors, our homes need a good reset before we leave them more frequently to enjoy summertime outdoors. Let’s love on our houses this spring with the help of Casabella and some solid cleaning tips!

My top spring cleaning tips

Basically, I say follow gravity. If you begin at the tippy top with dusting, etcetera, what you don’t catch on rags or dusters will fall to the floor, and you’ll be there at the very end to mop it all away! I like to keep things easy and efficient.

This post is in partnership with Casabella Mop, all opinions are my own.


Taking a microfiber cloth or duster, search out any cobwebs in the corners of the rooms. Wipe duster across walls to catch clinging dust, and don’t forget lighting. If you can’t remove the build-up well enough with a duster, carefully unscrew lighting covers and wash in the kitchen sink with hot, soapy water. Continue moving down the walls, dusting the tops of shelves, bookcases, dressers, and other furniture.


Taking a bucket of hot, soapy water and a microfiber cloth (they’re the best for catching and removing dirt) go around the walls and spot clean dirty areas. These are usually the walls people grab when passing into other rooms, the sides of doors, cupboards, cabinets, hallways, and other high-traffic areas.

Paint touch-ups

Why must every game inside the home include throwing? Or keep away? Or running and then ultimately, hitting a wall or door. Do you know what this kind of roughhousing inside the home amounts to? Banged up walls and chipped paint. For some reason, this is never more apparent than around baseboards and window and door trim.

I always keep a gallon of our main trim and wall paint on hand, and once a year in the spring, I go from room to room and touch up all the banged-up areas. Almost nothing looks as good as fresh paint. Well, maybe clean floors. That’s another important one, which leads me to my last spring cleaning tip.

Cleaning floors

Let’s face it. Mopping floors is something that has to be done way more than just for spring. But, the spring clean cannot be finished off properly without taking everything that has fallen during your top to bottom cleaning and mopping it away. It’s the last, important bit that completes this yearly task. And thanks to the Infuse Multi-surface Floor Spray Mop Cleaning Kit, it’s super easy to do and cleans extremely well.

First off, I’m a stickler for what I allow in my home as far as cleaning products go. There aren’t many that make the cut. However, the Casabella intrigued me because its Phthalate-free, paraben-free, and non-toxic (When used as directed). Plus, it’s a pretty mop. I’m going to be completely shallow here and say that aesthetics matter! Even for my cleaning products! I don’t like loud and gaudy, with bright colors or crazy styles. Keep it simple is my motto, and the Casabella infuse mop does that beautifully.

It’s also not complicated to use with a top of steps. Simply grab your infuse concentrate, place it in the top of the SmartRefill bottle, and twist the lid on. In doing that it breaks the concentrate open, and disperses it into the water. Then you get busy!

You can use this mop for many surfaces, like vinyl, linoleum, porcelain, ceramic, and hardwood! Truly it can go all over your home!

It’s as good at whisking away fresh mud and junk as old stuck-on stuff. A quick spritz from the spray handle trigger and you distribute a nice stream of cleaner that helps dislodge that gross stuff from your floors.

The reusable mop pad is also impressive and holds a lot of liquid and gunk without spreading it over your floors. Simply throw it in the washer when you’re done and it will be clean and ready to go for next time!

Overall the Casabella Influse Mop is the perfect addition to any home and helps with not only spring cleaning, but everyday floor maintenance. Simply grab and mop whenever needed. And truthfully, when your floor is clean and nice under your toes, it just makes the rest of the house feel cleaner too!

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