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We’re on the countdown to Halloween and our family is excited! Halloween and harvest celebration are in full swing in the Whalen household!

While this time of year seems to get very busy, we try to carve out moments to savor as much as possible. Like last night when we had a spooky family movie night. You can watch the reel for some movie night inspiration of your own. If you don’t have 6-foot spiders, is it even Halloween?

Weekly happenings recap

When I say no more huge projects for a bit . . . it always ends up being a fib.

Last weekend we started in on the beautiful HEWN flooring in our main living area. It’s just stunning. My house went from an orange hue courtesy of the old wood floors to a beautiful creamy white. It’s heaven in the form of flooring. We went with the color Grain, the same as in our downstairs living room, where we first installed it six months ago. (See my full review in this post.) We loved it so much and it’s held up almost magically, so we knew right away we needed to add it to our main living area as soon as possible.

We’re finishing off the final touches, like the stairs, this weekend. Can we take a moment to check out these stairs compared to the new flooring? What a difference!

We're getting ready for Halloween in this Saturday Snippets. Grab some coffee and let's chat about decor and all the cozy fun things!

I mean, can you even? It’s night and day and I’m so excited!

And since the flooring looks so good, it makes me want to redo all the other things.

Like the kitchen

We are planning a full kitchen remodel in the next few years, but until then, I still want to do a bit of sprucing. Once we laid the new flooring, the trim on the sides of the cabinets just wouldn’t do anymore. So I’m painting them black and it’s a whole vibe. I’m loving it!

We're getting ready for Halloween in this Saturday Snippets. Grab some coffee and let's chat about decor and all the cozy fun things!

I did a test spot and lived with it for a few days just to make sure. If I can squeeze another project into the weekend, I’ll finish it up!

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    Winterizing the yard

    In other news, Travis is working today to put away all the summer yard stuff like the fountain, stock tank pool, and decor. It’s gone below freezing the last two nights in the Pacific Northwest, which means we need to secure all our yard items so they don’t get ruined by the harsh winter elements that are soon to be in our future.

    Things I’m loving right now

    These giant spiders and other decor, which we’ll be adding to the outside of our house just as soon as I finish up this post!

    This sweatshirt

    I’ve worn it four out of the last five days.

    Speaking of clothes, we wore our Halloween jammies for the first time last night and they’re so comfy!

    I hope you’re having a cozy, festive weekend friends!


    Looking to make some yummy cookies? These soft pumpkin cookies with penuche frosting are going to knock your socks off. Enjoy!

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