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It’s feeling so cozy around here lately. The front room is decorated with beautiful fall things: leaves, candles, amber glass, and I can’t get enough of it all.

I begin every morning with a cup of coffee on my green couch overlooking the autumn display and it always starts my day off on a good note.

This summer loving girl is embracing fall to its fullest this year. I’m so excited for Halloween, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the days between them. This is the season when I wish the hours would drag out, and time would slow down.

Everything about September makes me sway.

My Favorite fall movies

Last night I snuggled up on the couch and watched one of my favorite fall movies. Some may not call it a fall movie, but I sure do. It warms my heart and leaves me feeling nostalgic.

Of course, we all have our regular fall favorites that no one contests: Hocus Pocus, the Gilmore Girls series, and Harry Potter.

But what about Jumanji? It’s an autumn classic for our family. And no, not the new version. It’s Robin Williams or nothing in my book.

And last night, I cried, like I always do, watching Little Women. And again, I’m not into the remakes. Give me the one with Winona Ryder over any other version.

And then there’s the one and only Anne Of Green Gables. You can’t even find it on any platform, you have to watch it old school with the DVD. But it’s a series I’ll treasure forever. We always watched it when we went to visit my Grandma & Grandpa. It holds so many special memories of over-buttered popcorn, grandpa snoring on the couch, watching the movie from a tower of blankets my sister and I encased ourselves in, while Grandma did dishes in the kitchen.

Sigh. I miss those days.

What movies feel “fall” to you, but others might not think they are?

Favorites from the Internet this week

  • I’m going to be completely biased and say that the Man on the Moon DIY was my favorite thing on the internet this week. He’s so cute and I can’t get over it. It’s also my most liked post ever on Instagram. So wild!
  • Other crafts I think should have broken the internet this week: These yarn pumpkins. They are the best looking ones I’ve seen yet, and now I think I must make them.

Exciting purchases from the week

  • I just grabbed this fall candle duo and can’t wait to enjoy their yummy amazingness soon!
  • Victora Emerson just had a sample sale and I was able to snag some new Apple Watch bands and can’t wait to get them on my wrist! I also grabbed a lock necklace. I’m giddy for their arrival.
  • Birkland Boutique just launched some new anklets and I snagged a stunning gold one. Look for them to drop on her site soon!
  • And lastly, I bought this long sleeve pocketed pullover. It’s going to be perfect for our trip to Wallace Idaho next weekend!

And with that, I’m out for today. I hope you have a relaxing, cozy fall weekend.

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