Run or Dye Color 5k + Weekend Recap

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This weekend things got a little colorful over here with the Run or Dye Color 5k!

Run or Dye Color 5k

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Run or Dye 5k

Early Saturday morning Travis and Tyrion dropped Megan and I off at Riverside State Park for the 1st annual Run or Dye event in Spokane.

Run or Dye Color 5k

The weather was a little cold and gloomy, but everyone was pretty excited and ready to run rain or shine!

Run or Dye Color 5k

It didn’t rain, but stayed on the cooler side throughout the whole run. It was a blast, even though I’ve never done a trail run before. The ground was really uneven and it felt completely different than road running. Plus, it had rained a few nights before so there was huge puddles to maneuver around.

Run or Dye Color 5K

(We weren’t the only ones in tutus! It was popular running attire.)

Megan had run a different color run before and she said this one didn’t seem quite as organized. I could totally see that, as at the beginning they didn’t have enough volunteers to man the color stations along the course and asked the runners if any of them wanted to throw dye instead of run. Thankfully several people volunteered.

We kept pretty good time, despite poor Megan getting doused in the eye with yellow dye at our second color station! We ended up running through the rest of the stations with our eyes closed hoping not to trip and fall. Better than getting stinging dye in our eyes.

As we ran through the finish line Travis and Tyrion were waiting for us. Of course Tyrion wanted mommy as soon as he saw me. Love this little guy!

Run or Dye Color 5K

Sorry the picture is grainy, there was dye all over my iPhone camera.

We hung out and partied and danced at the stage area for about twenty minutes until they had us all throw a bunch more dye packets.

Run or Dye Color 5K

After that we decided to call it a morning and head home. Good thing Megan suggested towels to cover our car seats. I’m still finding colors all over the house from things I touched before showering.

I would love to do another color run soon! Maybe next time when it’s warmer out!

Mothers Day Run Recap

Sunday was Mother’s Day. I hope all you moms out there had a great one! Mine was pretty much perfect in every way. My long run was due and I knew that if I didn’t get up and get it done, it wouldn’t happen. I was up at 4:45 and off I went. It was drizzling slightly but cleared up a couple miles in and was absolutely beautiful!

Run or Dye Color 5K

I ran through Riverfront Park and it was fun to see Spokane waking up. This totally encouraged me to continue to try and get up early and get my runs done before the day starts.

Run or Dye Color 5K

Run or Dye Color 5K

At mile 6 I was wearing down and decided to finally try that chocolate GU that I had purchased at the Bloomsday Trade Show. I wasn’t sure if chocolate mid run was going to taste right, but Oh My Gosh it was soooooo good! My favorite so far hands down! It was like fudge frosting. I could seriously eat those for desserts after ever meal. Not sure that would be okay, but they are just that good.

As my Garmin hit mile 11 I rounded the hill home. So excited to have made it that far!

Travis and Tyrion had a wonderful mom’s day surprise waiting for me when I got back.

Run or Dye Color 5K

I have been wanting one of these forever! It’s a water bottle especially for running with. Easy to hold and drink from, with the little pocked for your ID and any extras you need. So, so excited to try this baby out! With all the longer runs I’ve been doing this will help keep me hydrated and able to concentrate on my pace. My boys know me so well! I was also spoiled with new jeans, amazing looking socks to run in that I can’t wait to try (those were especially from Tyrion, he grabbed them off the shelf while helping dad shop! Too cute!), and my favorite face wash and cleanser that’s a little spendy but I love. Over all more that I could ask for! Feeling very blessed today!

xoxo, Eryn

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