Red Aspen Nails | Why I’m Excited to Jump On The Viral Instagram Trend

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I finally caved and purchased my first Red Aspen nails after they’ve basically gone viral on Instagram.

All my favorite instagramers, from OurFauxFarmhouse to LollyJane, have been raving about these nails so I bought a ton for myself and also for stocking stuffers!

What I loved the most about Red Aspen nails is the offer such a variety. The matte black, blush pink, all the patterns. They’re just beautiful!

And also reusable, which basically sold me!

This post is in partnership with Red Aspen, all opinions are my own. To see my full disclosure statement, click here.

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    Red Aspen Cost vs. getting your nails done

    Truthfully, I don’t have the time and I don’t want to shell out the money that’s required to constantly get my nails done. Which is why they’ve been naked nails for years. My favorite place in town costs around $55 for quality nails. And, my nails grow so fast I’m constantly heading in to refresh them, which takes over an hour each time. So much money and time waisted, so it’s simply a hard pass.

    Red Aspen nails cost around $13 to $17 per pack, depending on what you’re getting, and again, are reusable. Mixing and matching is part of the fun. That also lowers the cost considerably when thinking how many uses you’ll get from each one.

    Shop Red Aspen Nails

    Red Aspen calls their nails “Dashes.” Dashes can be worn for up to 2 weeks, or switch out your style every few days! Pop-on, pop-off and reshape to customize your look.


    • Shapes: Square, Almond, Round, Coffin, Square
    • Lengths: Petite, Short, Medium, Long, Extra
    • Finishes: Shiny, Matte, Glitter, Chrome, Glossy, Printed

    The ones I’m most excited about are the Ali’s Black Tie Affair they come with 24 shiny and glittery matte black nails to mix and match.

    There’s just something so classy about black. The runners up I also can’t wait to try are the All That Glitters Gift Set, and Penny is Golden, which I’m going to mix with Black Tie Affair!

    Find the whole collection here

    Shipping is guaranteed by Christmas through December 15th. So grab yourself something fun to wear for Christmas and also a few last minute stocking stuffers!

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