Possible diagnosis for my right foot: Morton’s Neuroma


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I’ve become my own doctor, thank you Google, and after a little research ran into some info that sounds exactly like what I’ve been experiencing. I think I have Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot.

Possible diagnosis for my right foot: Morton's Neuroma

What is Morton’s Neuroma

Info found off the Mayo Clinic Site:

Morton’s Neuroma is a painful condition that affects the ball of your foot, most commonly the area between your third and fourth toes. Morton’s Neuroma may feel as if you are standing on a pebble in your shoe or on a fold in your sock.

Can I just say: Spot on!

The gist of it is that Morton’s Neuroma involves a thickening of the tissue around one of the nerves leading to your toes. This can cause a sharp, burning pain in the ball of your foot. (Bingo) Your toes also may sting, burn or feel numb.

High-heeled shoes are notorious for helping the development of Morton’s neuroma. Well, I did basically live in high heels for work for six years before leaving to have Tyrion and become a stay at home mom. The typical treatment seems to be corticosteroid injections, though surgery is not uncommon either.

I really hope I’m wrong and it’s something more simple, but it does sound like my symptoms. The only thing I would add to the above is that my toes don’t just sting and burn, they shoot pain like someone’s taking a knife to them. I tried to run a couple days back but simply couldn’t, my limp was too bad. Gah! So frustrating.

My appointment with an Orthopedic surgeon

After learning the above info, I went ahead and made an appointment with a Orthopedic surgeon. A few days later I found myself anxiously waiting in an exam room looking at foot charts right after having x-rays.

Possible diagnosis for my right foot: Morton's Neuroma

He entered the exam room, sat down on his little round chair on wheels, and stated my x-rays looked good.  He said the biggest problem he could see with my feet is that I have extremely high arches, not conducive for running. (I was liking him less by the minute) He also struck fear in me when he said if I didn’t get inserts for my shoes I could end up with club foot. Excuse me? I’m not sure what that is, but it doesn’t sound pleasant.

Possible diagnosis for my right foot: Morton's Neuroma

He placed a subscription for custom inserts to see if insurance approves them. (Spoiler, they didn’t) He says because my arch is so high when I run all my weight is placed directly on the pads of my feet, so I probably inflamed something in my right foot running like that. Well, that’s better than the Morton’s Neuroma I was thinking it could be. (*Updated 5/15/17: It did turn out to be Morton’s Neuroma – I knew it – and I’ll have to receive cortisone injections for the foreseeable future or possibly face surgery. Fun stuff I’m telling you.)

Glass in my foot

As he was examining my foot he noticed a callous in a area most people don’t usually get them, and decided to check it out a little closer. What do you know, while he was scraping at it with a scalpel he found a piece of glass. It was right in the area of my pad that was hurting most. He said, “Well, that could definitely have something to do with it, that’s been in there for a long time.” How I didn’t catch a piece of glass in my foot I’ll never know.

Hoping that cleared up the issue and I’ll be able to get back out there and run. I have two birthday cakes to make today and a ton going on tomorrow, so I don’t think I’ll have the time in the next couple days. Honestly that’s probably best, it’ll give my foot a little while to heal and then off I go!

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Possible diagnosis for my right foot: Morton's Neuroma

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