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I love a good organizing project. Last winter after Christmas, we completely revamped our storage room and it was much needed. To get inspired to tackle your own “room of shame” as my husband called it, check that out here. But this year, I decided the pantry was the space that needed love. So here I am, sharing all my pantry organization items!

Glass storage containers

For several reasons, I love glass in my home. I’m not going to go crazy and ban plastic, because it’s everywhere and basically unavoidable. For me personally though, I find it becomes brittle and breaks over time, and I also don’t like the toxins in it, leaching into my food from sitting there for months. Plus, glass is simply prettier. I’m a very visual person and pretty items allow me to enjoy the space more.

All these items will work in a small, or large pantry. I love the baskets, as you can set them on the counter easily, use the items inside efficiency, and then place the basket back when your done. The glass jars that come with lids attached are another favorite of mine. No loosing the lid in the middle of baking, or setting it on the counter accidentally in batter or something sticky.

I love baking and working in the kitchen, so anything that can make it more efficient and enjoyable is fine by me!

Glass Storage Containers:

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    Wire Baskets:

    Spice Holders:



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