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Who else ate their feelings in 2020? I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this one. I’ve always struggled with emotional eating, and if there was any year that toyed with your emotions, it was 2020. This year I decided no more, I’m determined to have a healthy 2021.

I’m done letting outside factors dictate how I feel in my home and my body. Downing my sadness and anxiety in food helps no one, especially myself. Easily tired, I’d find myself dragging by 2pm. Sluggish, frustrated, unmotivated, with an overall feeling of unhealth. Not any longer. A healthy 2021 is going to be a top priority.

Disappointed towards the end of last year, I knew I’d let myself down. Looking in the mirror one day I said out loud, “How did I let this happen?” My clothes were now almost all uncomfortable. And, looking at the scale app on my phone and seeing the difference in my weight this January compared to last year at the same time had me almost in tears.

Me. The girl that was always working out. Me. The one that completed over eight half marathons and one full!

I knew I needed to find “me” again. For myself, for my family, for the ability to feel like I was living again instead of hiding in the background, embarrassed of what I’d allowed myself to become.

That same girl who ran all those miles and fit into those now tight jeans in my closet is still here. Inside. I can find that same motivation again. And I’m ready.

My get Healthy 2021 Plan

It may be cliche at this point, but I’ll forever be a New Years resolutions gal. I love the feeling of a fresh start, taking a pen to paper planner and writing out all my goals and dreams for the next 365 days.

So I sat down and allowed myself to think back to all the times I felt my best, and what I was doing as far as eating and exercising.

Reflecting, I realized I felt at my absolute best about a year after I had my first baby, my son Tyrion. I remember this specific time, walking into my living room one day and my sister saying, “Eryn, you look so skinny!”

And it wasn’t just about my weight or being skinny, though those were nice side effects.

I truly, deep down, felt good. Like really good. My pants fit perfectly around my hips and my shirts fell over my shoulders and hugged all the right spots. I loved to participate in activities and didn’t mind getting photos taken. Mentally I was sharp, and my energy levels were at an all time high. I was so proud. Proud of what I had accomplished after my son and truly felt great, inside and out.

My exercise routine at that time

At that time in my life, I had just completed my first few half marathons. I wasn’t running lots and lots, just a few miles, (2-5) five days a week. Along with that I was doing 20-30 minute recovery and flexibility workouts on a DVD. I’d do those earlier in the day, and when Travis came home I’d fix him dinner, get Tyrion all settled, and take off for my evening runs.

Running at that time in my life was also so great for me mentally. I was able to get away for a bit, clear my head, breath in the fresh evening air, enjoy some me time, and listen to my favorite songs.

My new exercise plan based off what worked before

Based off how I felt back the, I plan to start incorporating running back into my workout routine. Now, it’s winter here in the Pacific Northwest, which means one week we’ll have a foot of snow, and a few days later it will be sunny and the roads bare. So, I’ll just have to take this slowly and not press for a run when it’s unsafe.

As the days begin to get longer and spring slowly starts to appear, it will be easier to figure out a schedule that works. I’m thinking at this point I’ll do evening runs a few days a week when Travis gets home. Only a few miles for now, working up to three or four in the late spring/early summer.

I’ll also be better at doing shorter, early morning workouts. Although it’s hard to get out of bed when it’s dark and cold, my day goes smother when I wake my body up with an invigorating workout. I have Beachbody on Demand now instead of the old school DVD’s and appreciate the selection of workouts and trainers available to me. I’ll try to do a 20-30 minute workout four days a week. Anything longer and I find myself dreading pushing play. But if it’s under 30 minutes mentally it feels doable.

My eating at that time

When I was feeling great a year after Tyrion, I was in a good groove with my eating. Keto wasn’t really a thing I was aware off back then, (We’re taking almost seven years ago now) but I was doing what we’d now call a lower carb diet, and staying away from processed foods. My body has always done well on higher fat/lower carb. It’s like an energy sweet spot for me. When I can find the perfect combo I don’t get those afternoon tired struggle sessions around 2-4pm.

My new eating plan based off what worked before

Beginning January 1st, I decided to cut out sugar for the month. And truthfully, that one thing has made a huge difference. I’m not constantly searching for something sweet.

Also, a week into January I decided to do Keto with a friend for 20 days. For me, it felt like a reset button. Removing the carbs, sugars, and unhealthy items I was using as a crutch and jumping in with both feet. My goal was to finish off the 20 days of Keto, and then transition back into a low carb lifestyle.

And it worked great!

I know Keto can be a lifestyle for some, but I’ve never felt the need for it long term. While I was on it though, it was fun and like a game to find ways to get enough fats into my diet, without overdoing it on protein and making sure my net carbs stayed under 34. This was just a number I decided and committed to. Each person’s number will vary.

hEALTHY 2021 | Keto Help and products THAT GOT Me Through the 20 days

NOW Foods® is a company I love and value, and is an amazing resource for Keto foods, supplements, and ideas! They even have a Keto Zone page with recipes, tips from ketogenic athletes, and so many Keto friendly products! It’s been very helpful!

I'm ready for a healthy 2021. Who else ate their feelings in 2020? I've always struggled with emotional eating, and 2020 was FULL of emotions. Here are my tips for a low carb lifestyle.

This post is in partnership with NOW® Foods Official. All opinions are my own. For my full disclosure statement, see here.

Some of my favorite NOW® Keto products:

I'm ready for a healthy 2021. Who else ate their feelings in 2020? I've always struggled with emotional eating, and 2020 was FULL of emotions. Here are my tips for a low carb lifestyle.

I actually wrote a post on the benefits of MCT oil a few years back. It’s a staple in my cupboards and a great way to get a good start on my fat intake early in the day. It also come in flavors like Vanilla Hazelnut and Chocolate Mocha. Yum!

Keto Protein Powder
I’m ready for a healthy 2021. Who else ate their feelings in 2020? I’ve always struggled with emotional eating, and 2020 was FULL of emotions. Here’s how I’m taking back my health this year!

I’ve long been a fan of NOW® protein powders, and this Keto one is no different. Creamy and delicious, it hits the spot and helps me stay within my daily carb range.


Almonds are my go-to snacks to enjoy with some cubbed cheese and maybe a few slices of salami. These salted ones always hit the spot, and the Tamari Almonds NOW® also makes are so yummy it’s hard to stop at just a serving!

I'm ready for a healthy 2021. Who else ate their feelings in 2020? I've always struggled with emotional eating, and 2020 was FULL of emotions. Here are my tips for a low carb lifestyle.

From Keto to low carb

The 20 days of Keto finished up last week, and from there I transitioned into a lower carb diet, and it’s been working well! I lost seven pounds while doing Keto, and while I realize most of it was water weight and bloat, it’s a good start! I’ve been able to maintain that and hope to continue going down over the next few months.

How I do low carb

Now that I’m in low carb vs. keto, there are a few NOW® supplements I’m incorporating back in to help with my workout goals, and overall energy levels!

My absolute favorite pre-workout is the BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) Blast Powder. I actually share more about what it is and how it works in my fueling and supplements for half marathon training post.

I'm ready for a healthy 2021. Who else ate their feelings in 2020? I've always struggled with emotional eating, and 2020 was FULL of emotions

I use half a scoop for my indoor workouts, and a full scoop 15 minutes before my outdoor runs. This is my own personal dosage preferences.

My other favorite for the past few months is the B-12 Energy Boost Sticks. I take one a day around the 3pm slump. The taste reminds me of a pixie stick, and I think most of us understand the importance of B-12 in our diets. For more about B Vitamins, see this great explanation from NOW®.

I'm ready for a healthy 2021. Who else ate their feelings in 2020? I've always struggled with emotional eating, and 2020 was FULL of emotions

I have no particular carb numbers I’m shooting for with my low carb diet. I just avoid breads, pastas, and processed items that are typically carb heavy. Overall I try to enjoy more fresh produce, meats rich in protein and fats, and drink lots of water! Sometimes simple is best!

Honorable Mentions:

Though not specific to any particular eating style, these are the supplements I’m currently taking daily:

*These statements have not been evaluated b the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

And if you’re curious about my kids supplement routine, check out this post where I discuss it in length, along with links to all my favorite products!

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For the first time in a long time, I’m excited about my health journey and can’t wait to take back my life and stop the emotional eating cycle. Will it be hard, of course. But, I’ll keep remembering back to when I felt amazing, and know that it’s all worth it to feel that again.

What are you doing to stay healthy, or become healthier this year? I’d love to hear!

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