Morton’s Neuroma Update & Marathon Training

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Morton’s Neuroma can’t stop me, I’m back at it and it feels so good!

Morton's Neuroma Update & Marathon Training

Morton’s Neuroma Update

I had a cortisone injection for my Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot Thursday morning, and by Friday evening I was itching to try and see how running felt. After a short three miles with Tyrion I gave a big sigh of relief! I was clumsy and super tight, but that’s just from being off for almost a month with barely any working out. There was a dull pain in my toes, but nothing compared to just two days earlier.

I took Saturday off since I didn’t want to push too hard, and decided it’s better to start back slowly. I went to a girls night that evening. It was fun to drink wine, eat pizza, and talk about life uninterrupted. We are all registered for the Rock and Roll Seattle Marathon and talking inevitably ended up with us discussing how we had to get our butts in gear and really get serious with training. One of my friends had been dealing with some major shin splints that were so bad she had scar tissue built up in her leg! She’s been going to physical therapy and is waiting for the green light to start training again. My other friend Megan has been dealing with past injuries, life issues, changes in jobs, and has limited time to train so trying to schedule it in is somewhat of a learning curve for her. We were saying that for three ladies in relatively good health in the prim of our lives we sure are having our resolve tested!

But whatever our issues, we have to try and overcome them, since we are 2.5 months away from race day.

Fun Mail

Speaking of Marathon, I got an awesome package in the mail for my big run!

Morton's Neuroma Update & Marathon Training

Pro Compression heard I was completing my first full marathon in June and wanted to cheer me on by sending me a pair of their marathon socks!

P.S. Doesn’t the lime green go great with my hair? (wink wink)

I’ve seen blogger after blogger rave about these socks, so I am giddy with excitement to get the chance to try them out myself!

Thanks again Pro Compression!

Today is another rest day, with a 4 miler scheduled tomorrow. I’m trying to jump back into training as laid out in my training plan as much as possible. I understand I’ll have to work back up to the long runs. Pretty sure I can’t run 20 miles on Sunday! But hopefully I’ll be back to running the set schedule in a couple weeks.

Yesterdays six miles were slow. I felt super heavy, like my legs weighed twice what they do. Could have been all that wine and pizza the night before! Whatever it was I ran slow, but I’m not pushing myself hard right now. Slow miles are still miles!

Morton's Neuroma Update & Marathon Training, Morton's Neuroma

There wasn’t many out early on a Sunday, and it was nice to have the trail all to myself.

And now I’m off to take care of my sick little girl. Evelyn contracted some nasty cold that makes her sound like she’s hacking up a lung. Poor thing. Breaks my heart when they are so young and sick. She’s happy as long as she’s being cuddled, so we are going to be doing a lot of that today, and maybe make it a movie marathon kind of day since it’s rainy and cold out. But . . . we are suppose to hit over 75 later this week! Summer here we come!


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