Mom Spring Wardrobe: The Must Haves

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Spring has sprung! Well . . . it depends on the day actually. Although the calendar says spring the weather is begging to differ. Regardless of winters last few punches it is officially spring and time to switch out all those heavy sweaters and warm attire for pieces a little more flowy, a lot more lighter, and way happier. (In my opinion šŸ˜‰ ) So, let’s talk about the “Mom Spring Wardrobe”. What do I mean exactly? How is a “mom wardrobe” different from anyone else’s? Let me define what mom style means to mwah.

The perfect mom spring wardrobe must:

  • Be a loose, comfortable fit for most shirts/dresses.
  • Not Frumpy. (loose & comfortable and frumpy are separated by a very thin line. I try not to cross it.)
  • Be able to bend over, squat down, and run with flailing arms yelling “STOP!” without anything inappropriate popping out. (aka: boob, butt, whoha, etc.)
  • Be able to dress up or down easily by adding or subtracting a few accessories and changing sneakers for sandals or pumps,

Doesn’t that sound about perfect? And hey, you don’t have to be a mother to enjoy mom style. It’s cool on almost anyone. Everything I’m about to show I truly love. When we moved I threw out and donated a ton of clothes I just kinda liked, because I wasn’t okay with simply finding my wardrobe “meh” anymore, I wanted to truly love all the pieces. I’ve been slowly adding items back in I’ve found that match my style and vibe. I don’t compromise if a piece doesn’t sing to me. So far, I couldn’t be happier.

Mom Style Musts

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The perfect tee.

It’s harder to find than you think. Or maybe I’m just picky? I have a long torso so getting shirts that hit me just right is hard. My sister knows my style well and grabbed this for me at Christmas and it’s as close to perfect as I’ve had yet. This shirt by White Crow is flowy but still has structure, isn’t tight around the arms, and gives off that relaxed chic vibe. I put it on the first time and said out loud, “Yes! Why can’t more shirts be like this!?!” But then, I’m rarely disappointed in anything I get from Buckle. I’ve worn with with just a pair of jeans and sneakers, but have also dressed it up with a bomber jacket, necklace, and heels. It worked both ways great.


The must have V neck tank

Tanks are another one I’m annoyingly picky about. Again, length is key for me. And usually, I don’t want something super tight. Pulling and adjusting is not high on my to do list, so when I bend down for a pair of tiny shoes, or reach high for that toy my son threw above the fridge, I want my clothes to fall back in place effortlessly. No ride up, thanks. I think this is especially important for me because I’m all kinds of curvy and tighter clothes rarely stay put. When Erin, the blogger and IG girl extraordinaire behind Cotton Stem, who I enjoy checking in on (in a totally non stocker-ish way šŸ˜‰ ) shared her tank find from Nordstrom I was all in. Everything she said aligned with what I was looking for in a tank top. And as a mother of four girls I figured Erin knew a thing or two about style and wearability. So far, I love mine. I got them in black and white. They’ll be staple pieces in my summer wardrobe.

Capris for the masses

I love these!!!! I’ve been boycotting winter for a month now and wearing this pair of capris with sneakers. I even broke out the flip flops on a few occasions. These gems by BKE I found again, at Buckle. Ever since I was young, Buckle has been my go-to place for all things denim. I learned real quick in my early teens that most jeans did not fit right. My big butt would require a size larger, but then I’d have a huge amount of extra fabric around my waist. I hated jean shopping. But, Buckle and their sweet staff have always been able to help me find something that fits like a glove. Shorts have scared me though and I haven’t worn them since having Tyrion. My lovely varicose veins from pregnancy and dimply thighs had me sticking to capris. I’ve vowed to step outside my comfort zone this year and find the perfect pair though. When I do I’ll be sure to share!

DIFFĀ Sunglasses

I’ve always been super cheap with sunnies. I grab a few pairs at my local Fred Meyer every year and call it a day. But, this year I posted over on IG I was on the hunt for a perfect pair with a cat eye flair. A friend of mine saw my plea and tagged me in a post by the super popular on IG, DIFF eyewear. And they are popular for more than just their great glasses. For every pair they sell they also give one to someone in need. What a great business model! They had a spring sale a few weeks back and my sisters and I went in and each got a pair. I purchased “Ruby” and couldn’t be happier. Also, wearing cheap sunglasses for years I had no idea what I was missing out on! I won’t be going back to the cheapies anytime soon!


Guys, this is where I get cheap. If they’re not running shoes, I don’t really care about brand. I mean, I wish I could care. But a closet full of Nikes is not high on my priority list. Or budget. I’d rather splurge on a good pair of jeans. So, when I found these on AmazonĀ and they got killer reviews, well I was in. $24 bucks for shoes is nothing, so I grabbed two pairs, one in pink and the other black. I couldn’t be happier. No way I would run or workout in them, but for around the town they work great. Super cute and I get compliments all the time. Thinking of grabbing a few more colors soon.

Hats for bad hair days

Or maybe I shouldn’t say bad hair days so much as, “I don’t have time to do my hair today” days. Because I get those often. Being the Amazon girl I am I went on the hunt last spring for a floral hat that could go with about anything. Though they don’t carry the exact one I purchased anymore, they have so many cute florals and paisleys to choose from.

Wait, more shoes. Or . . . sandals I mean.

There are so many mule style heels and sandals out there lately and I’m not quite ready to jump on board that train yet . . . I just don’t see myself in “mules”. However, this pair I feel is a good middle ground. I’ll be getting these and a pair with some tassels. Because, I can’t say no to tassels on shoes!

And those are my spring & summer essentials! What are your must haves for this time of year? Share them in the comments!
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