Fit Mom Christmas Gift Guide: Unique gifts for the moms that love to workout

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I’m just going to be transparent here: This is pretty much my christmas wish list. So Travis and family, take note. 😉

In all seriousness, I figured if I want (or already love) these things, chances are you might like them as well! Being a fit mom and taking charge of your health isn’t easy at times, but it is worth it. Some of these items will make it a little easier (and more fun) to maintain that lifestyle!

Is it weird that us women oftentimes feel guilty for purchasing fitness stuff for ourselves? Mom guilt. Gah, it’s real guys. We feel guilty for purchasing items that will help improve our health and help us live longer and better for our families. Regardless of how silly it is, I do feel it often when making purchases for myself. What better way to get the goods then than to ask for the items as christmas Gifts!

I know in the past guys have been afraid to get their wives fitness related gifts because heaven forbid we take it as an insult . . . or as a hint. But if your wife suggests it? Game on! We really do mean it, get me all the fit gifts!

Fit Mom Gift Guide

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Oh man do I have some goodies in here! So much fun stuff so let’s get to it:


Why is it I’ve always wanted one of these? I use to have a thing for anything mini when I was little and apparently I didn’t totally outgrow it. Something about the mini dumbbell on this necklace is absolutely adorable. And the saying that goes with it is equally as neat.


This is AWESOME!!!! I had this post mostly finished up yesterday but today at my CrossFit box my MyZone belt came in and after one use I’m instantly and insanely in love with it!

You only need the belt and the MyZone app on your phone to track literally everything that has to do with your workouts. Some gyms, like mine also use it. Mike, the owner of our box, wanted us to have it to help us “max out” on our workouts and to make sure we are being consistent and not cheating with how hard we can push ourselves.

This was my workout from today:

I’m excited to see how the next few month of using it helps to improve my workouts. If you have a fitness fanatic on your list (including yourself!) you need to check this out. It’s so fun!


I just think these are fun, though totally not nessessary. Unless you don’t like wearing traditional bands or work out so much that you want to use this as an everyday band and use your wedding band for special occasions. I worked at a fine jewelry store for 5+ years. Please, don’t wear your ring working out! Especially when using weights. Apart from it being extremely uncomfortable it also bends and wears down the gold of the band so fast! You’ll be saving money not wearing a ring when you work out, or switching to a silicone one!


CrossFit has given me a new appreciation for the jump rope. Double Unders anyone? Jump rope can provide an amazing cardio session. Also a good smack to the front of your legs if you’re not fast enough. This one got great reviews from Crossfitters and it’s adjustable, which is really a necessity.


Beachbody on Demand is pretty much the bomb. I love going to spin class, I super duper love going to CrossFit, but as a busy mom I can’t leave the house to get a workout in every day. #itsimpossible So, I use Beachbody On Demand, lovingly called BOD by it’s users. With over 300 complete programs (TurboFire, P90X, 21 Day Fix, Insanity, just to name a few) (including meal plans and a cooking channel with new recipes weekly) this is the absolute best streaming workout service I’ve ever experienced. At only $99 a year you can’t do better. Seriously, it should be a staple in everyone’s homes.


You know I love my Ellie. You can read about my last box here. Basically it’s like getting a christmas gift ever month! In the form of a fabulous complete workout outfit. For only $39! You guys, that’s such a killer deal. And since I’ve been getting the past six months of boxes I can say with complete confidence that this stuff is quality. I friggin love Ellie. Plus I just recieved an email that said they are going to be doing an amazing Black Friday sale so make sure to check that out!


I want this scale so bad!

It bluetooth syncs to your phone and tells you stats like body Fat, water, muscle and Bone mass, BMI and suggested calorie consumption. Way better than just seeing a number on a scale it allows you to track progress that goes beyond weight. I was introduced to smart scales at CrossFit and don’t know what I’d do without one now!


Forever and always a pen and paper girl, I love journaling and tracking in pen. This book looks like the perfect addition to a solid fitness goal. Daily food log and tracker, workout page tracker, weekly wrap-up pages to review and reward progress, it also has spots to reflect on your journey and jot down thoughts and inspiration. Also, doodle away! It’s small enough to throw in your purse or gym bag and even comes with a pint-sized pen, strap to mark your place, sleeve to hold recipes and notes, and a spot for any other extra papers.


Bands are also something I’ve come accustomed to using over the years and it’s no fun to have one wear out and snap on you. These come with a lifetime warranty and pretty colors. Which to me is a total win.


The “this hurts so good” feeling is what these give me. Again, Crossfit schooled me on what they’re for. When the trainer yelled “grab the tennis balls and roll out your back” I thought “hu?”, grabbed a ball and like normal, mimicked what the others were doing so I didn’t seem like a total newbie. These are the perfect size to really get into those tense spots in my upper back. More than a foam roller can do. You don’t know you need them until you try them. But afterwards, you won’t want to do without them.


This book is very eye opening as to how your body works and what you need to do to get (and stay) in shape. He covers everything, talks science in layman’s terms, and after only a few chapters you’ll continue to find yourself saying out loud, “Oh, that totally makes sense.” I’ve convinced so many people to grab this book, and I hope you’re the next.


If you work outside the home, travel a lot, or are just on the go constantly this is for you! I love all the compartments for mini meals and snacks. It’s great for keeping you on track and speeding toward your goals. Seriously, it holds everything.


Give the gift of a new fitness experience.

Have someone on your list that’s mentioned they want to know what a spin class would be like, or how crossfit goes down, or think they’d like a Barre class? It’s time to help them find out! Give them the gift of a few classes of something new. I’ve been the reason many friends have tried spin and they have all gone back for more classes. Or maybe they have a favorite place already? Grab them some gear or a shirt to help them represent their fav workout spot. My sister asked what I’d like for Christmas and I said honestly, a shirt from my Crossfit box and from The Union where I take spin classes. I love helping local businesses and what better way to do that then support them while getting your bestie a gift!

I hope these helped and were a little more unique than the general fit christmas list posts. What most do you want from this list? Let me know in the comments!

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