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Happy Friday friends! This weekend is going to be a fun one here. Travis is on “staycation” from work for the next eight days, and we get to enjoy the great weather, our new tractor with plenty of rides, and sleeping in with relaxed lazy morning coffees on our recently renovated porch. Then come Monday morning, I fly out to Washington for filming! It’s going to be a wonderful weekend and exciting week ahead!

Oh! And we’re getting the foundation of our home fixed next week as well! After the long saga of finding a (good, reliable) company to work on it, we finally did, we waited, and now, we’re getting it done! They start Monday by pouring the foundation pillars, and after it sets for a few days they’ll be back to lay the brick on Thursday or Friday.

I’m honestly slightly devastated that after months and months of waiting, I won’t be able to watch how they do it. I told Travis he has to pretend to be me and take lots of photos and videos of the process so I can see and share it with all of you!

Now that the air conditioning is officially done, and the foundation will be complete next week, it’s feeling like we finally have a real house again! One that is sturdy, and will keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s an exciting time here on the homestead! Buying a fixer-upper definitely has us constantly appreciating all the little and big things that, in a standard home, you can easily take for granted.

Friday Favorite Things

I did a deep dive on the Target website today and found some treasures I’m really excited about!

What I love with all these is how creamy and warm everything is. Each piece from pillow, to game, to furniture, begs you to cozy up and get comfortable. The end of summer/fall is game season, so I thought this bingo set was too fun not to share. And my list-loving brain went giddy for the wall-mounted paper holder. I also purchased the wood kitchen island by Hearth & Hand for my kitchen. I saw it and thought it would be the perfect addition to our kitchen until we can do our full remodel.

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I hope today kicked off a relaxing weekend for you, and that it’s spent soaking up the beautiful tail end of summer. May you get to enjoy playing with some home decor, or baking in the kitchen, gardening, or wherever makes your heart happy!

xoxo, Eryn 🙂

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