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If you’ve been following along on Instagram or read my previous post on the blog, then you know we’re moving across the country. And gosh, it’s been one heck of a ride. Beautiful and terrifying, sleep has almost been nonexistent with all the anxiety of attempting the unknown and trying to figure things out. And forget about our usually very nutritious diet with homemade dinners and sourdough everything. We’re in survival mode. Mama has been too busy and stressed to spend much time in the kitchen.

All this means that our supplements, beauty & health items, sports nutrition, and essential oils have basically been the glue holding our bodies together. All our favorite products, used religiously.

Dramatic much? Maybe.

But, when we struggle with nutrition I always make sure we’re getting the above in to help keep us on track until we can get back to basics again. Spending hours in the kitchen isn’t something I can do right now. But, throwing in some vitamins or adding a quick step to my morning routine is something that’s easy to do, and helps a lot in keeping us in top form during this crazy transitional time in our lives.

Daily supplements

We choose our supplements based on individual needs. NOW® has so many options, so make sure to search their site and custom make your own combo!

This post is in partnership with NOW®, all opinions are my own.

Travis daily:

Eryn daily:

Kids daily:

I also make sure to add in Elderberry Liquid when they get any sort of sniffles or congestion.

Extras we all love

Essential oils:

  • Peppermint – Travis struggles with stress headaches so this has been a lifesaver for him. We diffuse it at night.
  • Peppermint roll-on – Travis keeps this on his bedside table and rolls it on the back of his neck and temples as needed.
  • Lavender – Because again, stress. More diffusing, all over our house, basically 24/7.
  • Lavendr roll-on – This is great to keep close. I have one in my office and one in my purse and I roll it on my wrists.

Joint & muscle cream: Basically this blog post should just be titled, how to deal with stress in a nutshell!


Do I look rough lately? Why yes, yes I do. Anxiety does that.

What I’m using:

  • Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid cream – I can’t tell you how amazing this is on my skin. I swear I feel it tightening and lifting my skin after application. I’m slightly addicted to it, not gonna lie.
  • 2 in 1 Correcting Eye Cream – It’s amazing that in your mid 30’s if you take any time off your skincare you can almost immedietly tell. This cream is a must each night.
  • Blemish Clear – My skin loves to show off when I’m not sleeping and stressed. I use this nightly on problem areas.

Snacks: I love a good healthy snack. Between running around like a chicken with my head cut off, packing, and all the emails and calls it takes to sell and purchase a home at the same time, I try to keep healthy items in reach. I’ve basically banned any sugar or salty snacks I love in my home right now, as I would have no self-control. I’m trying to maintain an environment that supports and helps our family through the next two months of change. Almonds are a favorite, and I love the roasted & sea salt ones! They just also started carrying salted caramel almonds and I can’t wait to try some!

Overall, I’ll keep all these items I’ve shared within arms reach through our packing and upcoming travel. I’m not afraid to pull out my grandma pillbox and fill it up for our drive across the country. No shame in my supplement game.

If you want to try NOW® out for the first time, save 20% off your order with code: ERYN at checkout! You’ll quickly see why for me, NOW® products are things I simply can’t live without!

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