Favorite Podcasts for the female entrepreneur


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Oh podcasts.

Very recently (think the past year or so) I’ve turned into the biggest lover of podcasts! I get so worn out on songs when running and podcasts are my go-to choice of entertainment to help the miles fly by. I also love listening to them while the kids nap and I do various chores around the house. And every now and again, I’ll listen to them for a bit as I wind down for the evening. While I’ll always be one that enjoys turning the pages of a good book and reading, podcasts are a easier way to get information when you’re busy and don’t have as much time to actually sit and enjoy a book.

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Many of you reading my blog are similar to me in that you’re working that side hustle life. Maybe you’re a working mom trying to get that side biz to take off, or a stay at home mom trying hard to help out with the finances a little while pursue your passion between diapers and scraped knees. Us as women can always benefit from the encouragement and wisdom of others also chasing their dreams.

Favorite Podcasts for the female entrepreneur


The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon

Julie’s podcast is mind blowingly informative for anyone in the entrepreneurial world. I don’t care if your dipping your feet into becoming an influencer, have been at it for five years or decades, you can always learn something from Julie and the guests she has on her show. I’ve grown significantly since finding her through another podcast a couple months ago. She seriously is the go-to-gal for growing your influencer biz.

The Jennifer Allwood Show

Jennifer is so dang sweet. You can hear it in her voice and instantly feel like you could be best friends. I also follow her on Instagram. (she’s one of my home decor inspirations) Jennifer recently retired her husband from his career job to help run her growing online biz. So, you know she’s gotta be doing something right! Also, I love that she calls her hubby “Mr. Magic” since he assists and helps her with all her projects around the house. I need to find Travis a nickname! Not only does she run a online business but she also has a physical one as well. She can help the online influencer as well as the small shop owner. And the list of guests she’s constantly bringing on are inspirational. Her podcasts are not one to miss.

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy is the go-to for strategy. Facebook marketing, email lists, she’s the nuts and bolts of how to work your side hustle or full time gig. Because she talks more about tasks and what to complete I tend to listen to her more so when it’s quiet and I’m home so I can jot down notes, not so much when I’m running.

She did it her way

This podcast is a must have. They cover everything from schedule blocking, to how to plan out your goals, to so much more. It’s really all encompassing, simply a must. I have this on in the background a ton. Lots of little tidbits to keep you motivated.

Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher

This rockin body positive babe is a powerhouse of goal digging info! Seriously, she’s living her best life in her beautiful body and building dreams into reality. Her podcasts are filled with powerful nuggets that are sure to enhance your biz and your life if you let them. If you don’t yet, follow Jenna on Instagram. She has an amazing feed. Heck, she lives in Hawaii! I mean, it can’t get much better.

Let me know if you already follow these babes, if you’re going to now, and if you have more women I should add to my podcast list!

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