FALL edition: snacking on-the-go for mom & kids (even dad!)

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Upping our “snacking on-the-go” game this time of year

Fall is a busy, but oh so fun season! This time of year is filled with lots of tradition and memory making. Visiting farms, taking fall photos of the family, picking out decor for the changing season, warm cups of coffee and pumpkin spice everything. It also brings a crazy packed schedule with kids back to school, extracurricular activities, and the like. That means a lot of snacking on-the-go.

Even though my oldest doesn’t start school until next year, (you better believe I’m savoring our last whole year together) we still have a busy schedule that requires lots of car rides and being out and about. With that comes hungry kids and even worse, hangry moms! I thought it was time to put out an updated healthy snack post for all us families that need to snack on the run.

FALL edition: snacking on-the-go for mom & kids (even dad!)This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience, which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a penny more. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Healthy Snack Options

Seasonal fruits

Fall is the tail end of peach season and the beginning of apple. Both of which are perfect for snacks and school lunches! We try to eat raw, real food as much as possible, and these “snacks” are loaded to the brim with fiber, and vitamins A & C. They are also very filling and a perfect pick-me-up or hold-me-over until the next meal.

FALL edition: snacking on-the-go for mom & kids (even dad!)

Seasonal veggies

Root vegetables are harvested in fall which gives you lots of potatoes, radishes, & carrots that are great snacks alone or paired with a dipping sauce. Also yummy are squash and zucchini. These can be sautéed, zucchini can be cut into strips and dipped like the root veggies, and both squash and zucchini make amazing baked goods! Pinterest is filled to the brim with recipes, but here are a few of my favorites:

FALL edition: snacking on-the-go for mom & kids (even dad!)

Dipping sauces:


Paleo honey mustard dipping sauce

Whole30 cilantro lime jalapeño sauce

Bakes goods:

Paleo cinnamon butternut squash muffins

Chocolate chip paleo zucchini bread


FALL edition: snacking on-the-go for mom & kids (even dad!)

Yogurt is another crowd pleaser. A little sweet and loaded with probiotics it’s a great addition to the snack rotation. One of my favorite brands is Brown Cow. My kids eat their Maple yogurt each morning along with the additional probiotics and vitamins I have them onI find Brown Cow at my local Kroger store but they are also available online.

Now® products

Oh my goodness where do I start? I love the quality and variety of the Now® line of snacks and goodies that you can get at some of your local health food stores and also on Amazon. Ever since my trip to Chicago to visit their facilities, tour their production building, and meet the CEO Jim Emme, I’ve been, to put it lightly, obsessed. 😉

They don’t disappoint on quality or taste. Some of my favorites are:

Nut and seed mixes:

I couldn’t put down my bag of Crunchy Clusters Cran-Blueberry. I already ordered another bag but I’m pretty sure I should look into getting it in bulk. :p

FALL edition: snacking on-the-go for mom & kids (even dad!)

They also have their fairly new line of Q-cups (quoina). (which you can only get off their site for now) These cups are similar to oatmeal bowls in that you pour hot water into the quinoa mix, let steep for 5 minutes, and enjoy! I love the southwestern BBQ one!

FALL edition: snacking on-the-go for mom & kids (even dad!)

Other healthy options:

Drinks are snacks too

This one is more for us moms and dads. Because sometimes in fall and winter all we want is a nice hot drink. NOW® has teas and hot cocoa! (Just ordered the Cocoa Lovers Slender Hot Cocoa and can’t wait to try it!) Although I’m not a hug tea person their line gets rave reviews on Amazon. These are great to add to a mug you’ve drained your morning coffee from. Just slip on by a coffee stand or a Starbucks and ask for a cup of hot water. Most places are more than willing to comply!

Teas and cocoa

How to carry it all

Since I’m on a mission to reduce waist and plastic use in my home I use durable glass containers and recently purchased this stainless steel snack container. It’s reusable and won’t heat up and release toxins onto our foods (like plastics do) when left in the car.

Now I want to hear from you! What are some of your favorite go-to snack options?

Eryn Whalen, snacking on-the-go

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  1. We love snacks in our house! I try to keep a variety as my kids change their minds on what they like every day! Thanks for these suggestions!

    1. Man they are fickle aren’t they? love it one day, hate it the next. I guess it keeps life interesting though? :p

  2. Great suggestions, and that choc chip zucchini bread recipe looks so good. I may try it with pumpkin puree or applesauce in place of the banana due to allergies and see how it goes! (fingers crossed!) Lol.

  3. I haven’t heard of that brand of snacks before. I try to find snacks that are the purest put tasty. I’m going to check out that brand asap.

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