After my third baby was born, I found myself in a dark hole of anxiety and self-hate. My body had been through a lot over the years and even though I had three beautiful, healthy children to show for it, I felt lost in the shell of a person I once was, not to mention trapped inside all the extra pounds I had picked up along the way! I bought the 21 day fix and shakeology after Eryn reached out to me, and it seemed like a small glimmer of hope. Determined not to let it be just another half-hearted commitment, I went all in! Today I am 40 lbs lighter, a whole lot happier and that wouldn’t have happened without a great coach and a supportive community around me. I was so inspired, in fact, that I jumped into being a coach myself. It is such a great joy to help people find themselves and reach their goals…to pay forward the support that someone gave me! -Alyssa Lentsch


“I think over the years I always wanted that quick fix without putting in the hard work and when it didn’t happen I gave up and went on the next thing. But seeing your work and how your body has changed over the past few months I know it can work for me with the support and hard work I’m determined to be a better me!!” -Jaelene A


I just want to say a year ago I was 9 months pregnant, and Eryn still invited me to this group. I started by kicking my soda habit with a 30 day challenge. I did a lot of watching her succeed while I waited to jump in with both feet. A year later here I am almost 30 lbs lighter, and feeling SO MUCH BETTER. Thank you ERYN!! – Sara M


“LOVE the shakes! I look forward to them every day. I lost two inches around my stomach and a half inch on each calf the first week!” – Kaitlyn M


“I lost three pounds in three days and just look at the difference!” -Lesly B

You can read her full 3-Day refresh recap here.



“I did the 3 day refresh to do a detox and lose a few pounds. I eat pretty healthy. I try to stay away from sugar, and processed foods. I’m 57 and exercise 5 days a week using the Beachbody Turbo Fire or Turbo Jam and in the summer I add in a two mile walk/ jog into the equation. Starting the Refresh I weighed 151 and lost 3 lbs. My ideal weight is 147 or less. I usually gain 8 lbs every winter. I’m sick of the yo-yo and decided this year I would try to change things.

I felt good on the program. Personally, I did not get hungry. They have the program planned out very well. I did experience bloating even though I lost 3 lbs. My take away from this is that I need to detox longer. I have a vacation coming up in about three months and will probably do the refresh before I go.” -Teri D